Rebelle’s Threesome Do’s and Don’ts

Threesomes can be a tricky subject – both men and women fantasise about what it could be like to invite an extra person into their bedroom. You have to be mindful of the minefield of potential repercussions for your relationship. Threesomes are not like regular sex- they require a helluva lot more work. Don’t let that fact put you off, go into it with an open mind and remember these tips will only help you make a more positive choice.

Here are some guideline  do’s and don’ts for a successful threesome:

DON’T get attached

Remember the guest star ( extra person in a threesome) is for the night not for life! Choose someone impartial someone neither of you has any important life connections to. Especially do not pick someone that either of you has feelings for. It’s all hot and sexy until you realise your partner is getting to bang their crush right in front of you, with your permission. 

DON’T use it as a Band-Aid!

Countless times I have heard and read about people introducing a threesome to bring a spark back into their sex life.  No, No, No, No, No!! Chances are if you are concerned about performing CPR on a flagging sex life adding a third party is not the band aid you need. You do need to get back to your sensual basics and reconnect with each other. If you think things are bad between you now, wait until you’ve seen your partner having a whale of a time with another lover. 

Do pick someone who is sexually confident

In a threesome situation you will have enough to keep you occupied without having to spend your evening reassuring all parties involved. This is no place for low self esteem and a lack of confidence. You should pick an assured partner who has had a few partners. This is not the time to be popping cherries! 

DON’T forget that you’re partaking in a THREE-some

I’m not saying there needs to be a schedule on the wall detailing who’s turn it is to give or receive. All the same manners are important. Don’t forget your guest and don’t be a pillow princess!

DO get tipsy… but don’t get plastered

A cocktail or two can help lighten the mood and release your inhibitions. But pretty please don’t get sh*t faced. Chances are it’ll be a horrendous experience for everyone if you do. Not only that but you run the risk of not being able to perform at all. Worse again you might have the greatest night of your life but you might not be able to remember it at all. How devastating would that be. 

At the end of the day my lovelies you know your lives better than I ever will. Go forth be naughty, be safe, be well, listen to your heart and your gut and most importantly have fun!!




I’m going to do a Boudoir Shoot with Boudoir Girls & You should too!!


Let me start this article by stating two facts….

Fact One- Being photographed has never been high on my list of favourite things to do. Being photographed in the nude/ in my underwear- even further down the list.

Fact Two- I am a plus-size girl who is still not 100% comfortable with her body and on occasion has had a few self love issues. 

This  in mind Iet me tell you why I am going to do a Boudoir Photoshoot and why you (yes, YOU) should do it too!

Pink Boudoir

The majority of my life I have never been completely comfortable with my body. I was never thin but I was thinner than I am now and even then when I looked in the mirror all I saw was ugly, horrible, fatness. Now as I approach my 30’s and have  even more stretch marks and scars and even some lovely cellulite that marks who I am and where I’ve been. You know what though, I have never been happier about my appearance. 

Filled with this affirming thought and fired up about my “Daring to Bare” article, I got in contact with Natalie from Boudoir Girls! Both this website and I need gorgeous photographs and I need a kick ass photographer who knows and appreciates the female form-we will be a match made in heaven!

So. here are my reasons for choosing a shoot with Boudoir Girls:

(maybe they’ll resonate for you too)



1. To capture being in a great placeI have recently set up my very own website (welcome) and I am super excited about it!. I am involved in tonnes of writing projects, even though I was once told I would not make a very good writer. I am getting more in control of my anxiety. There are heaps more reasons why I am in the best place I have ever been and I want to celebrate that! And share it here with all of you of course!!

2. I want to become more comfortable in my own body: Ok, so I am already pretty comfortable with my body but There are still parts of me that I am not quite as fond of as others. It is my dream to be completely in love with my own body this photo shoot with help to get me there.I know I’m not the exactly the shy retiring type but who doesn’t love compliments! I know these photos will do wonders.  

3. To look and feel sexy : Where’s the fun in educating others about Sex if you can’t feel like a sex kitten yourself. I need to practice what I preach and I will take great pleasure in doing so!

4. It’s an excuse to buy cute outfits and underwear:  Not that I need a single excuse in the world to buy and show off my new purchases, but it’s nice to have one all the same. 

5. Celebrate being a Woman: Being a woman rocks! Being a strong and independent woman rocks even harder! Yay for being awesome!



I almost left this one out but I decided to put myself out there

6. To inspire others!: Seeing a fat woman is a rarity. Seeing a fat woman looking sexy is even rarer. I want to inspire people to love themselves as they are. Just because you can’t see someone like you out there looking sexy and fabulous doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be out there. No skinny shaming, no fat shaming, no body shaming full stop. The body you have right now is the perfect body because it is yours. Why wait for someone else to get there? Be your own idol and inspiration! 


So what are you waiting for? Get Booking!



Image Source:

Bliss Festival 2015



I am so very excited to announce that I will be involved with Bliss Festival 2015!! 

 To find out more about the Bliss Festival then please log on to

Bliss Ireland creates events that aim to foster & promote Sexual Freedom, Health & Pleasure in Mind, Body & Spirit. Each event is different but the values & intentions behind them remain constant – that of deep care & respect for one’s self & others. Of course your experience will be unique, but, it’s hoped that what follows will give you a flavour of what is being offered. You are warmly & sincerely invited to be a part of it.

In many parts of the world our experience of our whole selves as human beings has been fractured into different pieces – the mind & intellect nurtured & fostered with education & mental learning, bodies nourished by food, sports & whatever other ways one chooses that are open to us, & the spirit is fed in different ways too; for some by religion or other spiritual practices, for others by being in nature, & in other ways too.

Often times our sexual selves, the unique expression of the life force that drives & moves everything in the cosmos, is often left out of the equation, or else it’s packaged neatly & tidily into something to be taken care of medically, pathologised or legislated for by church or state, to be feared as something uncontrollable, predatory, dangerous & wild that must be regulated & tamed.

It’s rare in ‘’the west’’, particularly in Ireland, that space is given or taken to discuss, explore & experience this primal life force energy, to cultivate, nourish & nurture it as a way to experience greater vitality & vibrancy, to deeply connect with oneself & others & cultivate a deeper more expansive, & transcendent, experience of life itself, but one that still has a deep potency & virility.

This is what Bliss Ireland events aim to offer you: the opportunity to join a conversation that brings sexuality into the realms of mind, body and spirit to the degree that feels good & right for you individually. Bliss Ireland intends a conversation between & about what it means to be a fully whole, vibrant & potent human being.

All events welcome all people, regardless of any labels you may choose to place upon yourself or that others may choose to place upon you. Previous attendees at events have called themselves gay, heterosexual, bisexual & label-less, male, female, genderless, from many countries speaking many languages, ranging in age from their early 20s to 70s, black, white, Asian, single, partnered, monogamous, polyamorous, celibate etc – it’s a very diverse community, which is something we’re proud of, but there is one thing in common with most attendees at Bliss events – an open mind & heart.

What most people have enjoyed about previous Bliss events is both the opportunity to learn about new practices & ways of experiencing the world through the workshops, talks etc. & also simply the opportunity to meet like-minded people in relaxed & beautiful environments. If you attend one of our events you are most likely to meet people willing to explore & express what it means to be human in a way that expressly includes sexuality, spirituality & the consciousness of mind within this vast cosmos in which we are traveling.

So, you are warmly invited to join the conversation, to learn about practices that may facilitate you having a different experience of your relationship with yourself & with others, to meet people to connect with in as much depth of intimacy as you mutually desire, to expand the boundaries of how you are in the world & indeed how you experience & witness it, as much as is comfortable for you, & to breathe deeply & relax more fully into the authentic nature of who, how & what you experience yourself to be.

This excerpt was taken from

6 Steps to becoming a little more Body Confident!

Tara O'Brien Illustrations


The relationship between a woman and her body can be most tempestuous, and why wouldn’t it be? Every day we receive mixed messages about what the “ideal” beauty is. So let’s stop the body shaming and start loving the body we’ve got! 

Step 1- Stop Avoiding the Mirror!

This one might take a little work but chances are if you’re not comfortable with your body you will avoid looking at yourself in the mirror, especially if you’re naked. Truth is if you try and look at yourself even just once a week it will start to change the way you see yourself. Do your makeup or dry your hair in the nude at first to get used to seeing your naked body. The more you see it the more familiar you will become and the less likely you will be to pick it apart. 

If that is too tough and you still feel your inner critic taking over then find one beautiful thing about your naked body and focus on it.Or strike a pose in the mirror. Look for an angle you feel your body looks best and go from there. The journey to loving your body is a tough one but starting with one small step is a start. 

Step 2- Cut the Fat Talk

Have you ever been in the company of your friends, female friends in particular and the topic will turn to bodies. It could start with a comment like “I look like a whale”, another will chime in and say ” Ah no, you’re not you’re gorgeous I’ve put on about 5 stone” There then begins a back and forth discussion about who looks worse in a bid to make the other person feel better. How about instead establishing with your friends that your friendship is a fat talk free zone. Is fat really the very worst thing you can be? As intelligent women we have better and easier ways to build each other up without tearing ourselves down in the process. 

Step 3- It’s not all about looks

Remember, when you are looking at your body you are often looking at it through a lens of media messages. Whether or not you are aware of it society and the media soak into your consciousness until your thinking is skewed. Instead of seeing a functioning healthy body you see fat lumps and bumps. If you shift your focus this might help your perception. So instead of saying I hate my thighs, think about all the things your thighs allow you to do. Can you walk, run, dance? Find something that fits for you. Once you start to talk about your body in a positive way you will start to see it in a positive

Step 4- Collect Compliments 

Positive self talk is a habit. Like any habit you try to create or break it will take time to become second nature.. During this time it can feel quite false and as if you are lying to yourself. One way to combat this is to write down all the compliments and positive interactions you have with people. If someone tells you look lovely write it down, when someone tells you that you are funny write it down, write it all down! When you’re feeling low or if positive self talk is a struggle you have a resource at hand to help you out. 

Step 5- Shape your Media

Do gossip magazines make you feel bad about yourself? Stop reading them. Do you have a friend who puts you down? Limit your interactions with them. Better yet challenge them on their behaviours. Let them know how they make you feel. You will only begin to feel better about yourself when you begin to remove as much of the negative and body shaming messages from your life as possible.

Step 6- Share the Love

Compliment others and don’t take no for an answer. As you go further on your journey to body love and acceptance you will begin to see more and more people who need help with their perceptions of themselves. One thing you can do for yourself and others is to pay compliments. The more positivity you give out the more you will get back. However it is important to remember that some people find compliments difficult and may try to brush you off or insult themselves to feel less shame. When this happens have an answer ready for them. For example “you look lovely today” “I look awful I didn’t sleep and I’ve had these clothes for years” “Well fair play you look well on it” Or whatever turns of phrase work for you. Go ahead make somebodies day. 


These are only 6 little steps you can take to feeling a little more Body Confident! 

If you have more I would love to hear them. 



There are plenty more fish in the sea- unless you go on Plenty of Fish

I want to take a moment to say that I am so humbled by the positive responses I have gotten to my blog so far. You guys are completely amazing, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to do this and for responding in such a positive way. Since my last post went live I have had so many positive responses from women accross the globe. Which feels incredibly strange to say, it is beyond amazing to me that something I write on my little purple netbook, whilst sitting like a baby buddah and drinking tea can have such a profound effect. For all those good feelings I thank you all so much. I have been in touch with a fabulous company who specialise in helping women see their own gorgeousness and capturing that and I promise I will write about that soon but for today I want to do a flashback to the very first article I ever wrote, but kept on my laptop for ages because I felt silly writing it. I dedicate this piece to the english teacher who told me I could never be a writer. This one’s for you Miss. 


I  have been participating in the weird and wonderful world of  online dating sites on and off for about two years now. If you don’t use online dating then I hope this post will give you an insight into this unique world . For those that do date online you get internet points if you recognise any of the following and double points if you recognise yourself.

Toy Boys: Blokes aged 22 and under. Profile picture is generally a picture of them and all their mates on the lash, making it near impossible to figure out which baby faced drunkard you’re “talking” to. I use the term talking to very very loosely. Obviously first because its typed communication you really can’t consider it talking and secondly because the language used is generally impossible to decipher. If it was text speak I would find it a minor irritation but ultimately I would get over it, writing it off as a time efficient method of communicating. However this language is totally foreign to me using words like yhuu to mean you or mii to mean my- what is the point!! It looks like nonsense and it takes longer to type than the actual words! Usually the toy boy is looking for no commitment or relationship of any kind. I have no issue with hook ups power to you if you enjoy them and get something from them but I’m afraid its not for me.

The first time girl experience: I’m happy for you that you have discovered your sexuality and are comfortable enough to explore it. I’m really sorry though I’m not the girl to explore it with. I don’t do well as a babysitter and the first time out girl requires a great deal of minding and teaching. Fabulous if you’re looking for someone to mold into the perfect lover. It just seems like a lot of hard work and drama to me. I’m looking for an equal partner not someone to “fix”. Not to mention the significant possibility that she may not be out of the closet yet. Which leads me nicely to ….

Closet Cases: I totally get it being out isn’t easy. There is a whole psychological process involved in coming to terms with who you are and then informing your loved ones. It can be a painful process full of rejection and pain. So I totally get why you wouldn’t want to do it and I don’t want you to do it for me (mostly because I don’t wanna get the blame for “making you” do it) I also don’t want to be introduced to people as your friend (I don’t kiss my friends like that). I want to be able to hold your hand in public, kiss you when the mood strikes or just pinch your ass because I can and not have to check if there’s anybody we know about first. I also want to be able to go out and not have to avoid people with cameras like a celebutante avoiding the paparazzi.

Naughty bits profile pictures: I’m not gonna lie I’m totally gonna check you out. Kudos to you for your bravery/ foolishness too depending on how you wanna view it and fair play for showing the goods to any potential hook ups. But let’s get real here, if your bits are your profile picture you really don’t need to waste your time (or mine) with filler in your profile that tells me what a wonderful person you are and that you like long walks on the beach or better again that you are looking for a relationship. Detailing your kinks is acceptable but your dreams wishes and ambitions are kinda unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong you might have a lovely cock- but call me old fashioned I’d like to see who it belongs to.

People that send messages just saying Hey, Hi or  my personal favourite Hru? how utterly profound! What a fascinating creature, such linguistic and conversational skills I must know more. Come on now if you can’t be arsed writing more than one word then why send anything? If you cant think of anything to say to me when you have time to prepare and you can hide behind your keyboard, the first date conversation isn’t looking too promising.

The my friends say people: my friends say I’m really good looking, my friends say I’m really funny, my friends say I’m a really great person.We are all grown ups here you are allowed have opinions on yourself and be able to discuss those opinions without the need for a reference. I promise if you tell me that you’re sporty/nerdy/ clever or whatever I will believe you honest, I don’t need to ask your mates. Plus they’re your friends they’re hardly the most objective bunch of people. Your friends are hardly gonna call you an unfriendly, gimpy, unfunny dickhead now are they- at least not to your face anyway. Unless they are particularly cruel in which case get off Plenty of Fish and get some new friends!

Sugar daddies/ mommies: Older ladies/ gents who wanna take you out buy you shiny things and treat you in exchange for spending time with them etc. If that’s what you’re into awesome the internet is full of them, no recession in sugar land.  Not for me I’m afraid the whole thing makes me a little uneasy, besides if I wanted to receive remittance for spending time with an older person I’d apply for a carers allowance.

Guys pretending to be girls: Come on now, you are fooling nobody! Besides isn’t this an awful lot of work just to get off? The making of the profile, seeking out women, the developing of a rapport etc etc. Surely a smutty video or story would be much easier. There are plenty of online resources, Google is your friend , now leave the nice ladies alone and go about your day.

*Disclaimer*I would like to acknowledge that there are tonnes of wonderful  men and women looking for love on the internet.  I’ve been privileged enough to meet some of them and can now call them friends. I am not the perfect date or online dater, I have been called picky. I remain hopeful though that I will find someone awesome of my very own, they may not be online but its worth a shot.


I want to hear your online dating triumphs and disasters! Spill the beans! 



Daring to Bare-Getting Naked and the Women who Inspired Me!


When I decided it was time to write a new blog I sat down and drew up an entire plan. What I wanted to do, How I wanted to do it and more importantly Why I wanted to do it! For the majority of my existence I have hidden away, utterly embarrassed and ashamed of my appearance. Partly because of my own issues and partly because there were no positive images out there of women who looked like I did. Fabulous fat girls were invisible- to an extent they still are, but thankfully much less so. There were a number of influential women who helped me to shape a more positive vision of myself.

Tess Munster


Photo: Today I personally overcame my fears of bikinis that weren't high waisted. My tummy is an area that I'm still learning to love- even though I appreciate everything it has done for me. It's round & covered in stretch marks from carrying my beautiful son in it. My fiancé loves it & constantly touches it & because of those reasons I recently decided to be kinder to it. With every other area of my body- learning to love it has been faking it until I actually accepted. The misconception about myself & many other fat/plus sized women is that we are this way because we don't care, that we have "let ourselves go" when in reality this is the best I've ever felt/looked. But I couldn't have gotten there on yo yo diets, trying to be someone I'm not, & bullying myself to fit into an unrealistic mold of beauty. I have carved my own path & will continue to do so.. Overcoming one hurdle at a time & appreciating my successes & failures. So today I am celebrating being able to swim with my son without worrying what others might say.. & guess what? No one cared that my tummy was out.. & it was glorious.

Tess is an American plus size model and founder of the #effyourbeautystandards movement. Tess was the very first plus size woman I saw wearing the clothes that I wanted to wear. Pretty tea dresses, sleeveless tops, short skirts and no shame. Tess consistently promotes messages of self love and positivity and most importantly loving your body! She taught me that sexiness is not just reserved for the svelte. Her attitude is one I have slowly started to embrace- I’m here, gorgeous as I am and if I can’t see that it’s because your standards of beauty are effed up. 


Ducky Doolittle

I can safely say that Ducky is one of the main reasons I have chosen to write about sex. I first found out about Ducky on a trip to New York when I picked up her book “Sex with the lights on”. Since then I have been a huge fan of hers. She frequently writes and holds online tutorials all with instructions on how to improve your sex life. She is fun, energetic, enthusiastic and an unapologetic curvy cutie! She frequently shares links for plus size lingerie and is all about making big girls feel beautiful. From Ducky, I have learned the importance of open, honest communication when talking about sex and sexuality. If I could exude half of her sensuality and emulate her wonderful attitude I will be a sex education force to be reckoned with.   


Jes Baker aka The Militant Baker


A post about radical fat femmes would not be complete without a mention of the inspirational Jes Baker. Jes runs the blog The Militant Baker- which preaches self love, body love, positive mental health and general kicking ass. Jes has done so very much it would be impossible to mention it all here. You will have to check out her blog to see all of her awesome accomplishments. What I can tell you though is the way that she inspires me. On her knees she has tattooed “My Life, My Rules” and that pretty much sums Jes up. Her take it or leave it attitude is incredible. She is a strong feminist chick who passes no apology for her opinions or her appearance and she takes no shit. She is equally honest about her struggles- which I think makes her a force to be reckoned with. Jes has inspired me so much I bit the bullet and joined her smash the scales campaign at the beginning of 2014- hence the first photo. It is quite possibly the scariest thing I have done because it was quite a vulnerable statement to make public but I am so, so glad that I did it because the response was astoundingly supportive and positive. Something I would have never known if I didn’t take part. 

Now I know what you’re thinking- Rebelle that’s all fine and dandy talking about amazing women who live in the states but I live in Ireland where the culture is ever so different. Fear not my dear let me introduce you to….

Vicki Valentine. 


Ms. Valentine is Ireland’s Queen of Curves. Not only has she written a book for the curvy girl but she has also set up her very own plus size model agency. She has done more for Irish plus size girls than anybody else. Vicki is also responsible for having plus size girls on regular TV fashion segments. The very first time I saw Vicki and her girls on TV I wanted to sing from the rooftops. Because of Vicki’s drive, ambition and brilliant vision a new generation of Irish women will grow up watching a representative selection of women on television. Little girls can watch a fashion section and not only see thin girls but they will also see curvy girls, instilling in them that their body is a good body too. This is a gift that the young women of Ireland will not even know they have received as they will just take it for granted that bigger bodies are meant to be seen and though they might not know it Vicki I certainly do. I can’t even begin to express how much I admire Vicki, she is endlessly in the media championing the cause of positive body image in Ireland and standing up to the bullies who size-shame and criticize. All of the ladies mentioned in this post have helped me see the beauty in myself and to accept my bigger body but it was Vicki that helped make it ok to be a kick ass fat chick living in Ireland. 

Now that you have heard about the women that have inspired me, I am nervous and excited to announce that I will be posing nude for an artist in the near future. It would be pointless for me to sit behind a screen writing for you all encouraging you to love your bodies, love yourselves, embrace your sexuality, be brave, bold and beautiful just as you are, unless I was willing to do the same. I won’t lie, when the artists call came looking for a fuller figured model to pose nude, I hesitated, actually that is a lie I rejected and refused immediately. I mean me, naked, forever on canvas, my boobs hanging bra-less, unsupported, my belly uncovered, my rolls for all to see and my bum, oh lordy my bum not even close to a booty. Then I stopped and I thought, well if I’m not going to do it, who will. If I wan’t to live in  a world full of people who unashamedly love themselves I need to start with myself. 

I’m certain not everyone will like it. I’m positive that some people will wish they hadn’t seen it. Some will be rude, crude and unkind. But the simple fact of the matter is this, it’s my body, it has danced, laughed, sang, consoled friends, lay with lovers, endured pain, been pierced, tattooed, and endured a lifetime of hatred- it needs a little bit of a break from all that. If only one person looks at it and feels better about themselves, even if that person is me it will have been worth it. Hell I will forever be a piece of art, an artists muse for a moment and that really is something. If you still think it’s gross and disgusting and that fat women should be seen and not heard I have this to say to you. 

I’m here, I’m a fat, fabulous, feminist- I will be seen and I will be heard & if you don’t like it you can kiss my FAT ass. If you do like it, then stand with me and let the body bashers and negative ninnys know we aren’t gonna take their shit anymore!!!






If you would like to find out more about the women featured in this blog post, then please click on their picture.


Image of:             Image Source:

Tess Munster

Ducky Doolittle

Jes Baker  

Vicki Valentine

Say My Name – Embracing the Names of your Parts.

I grew up in a house where everything was discussed. It wasn’t a rule, nor was it enforceable it was more a culture of comfort. It was just the way we did things. We would chat to each other while we got dressed, we would chat to mom while she showered, we would continue the conversation as she dressed and offered our assistance in zipping up dresses when requested. We weren’t a family of nudists by any means but we had a high level of body comfort.  We knew all the correct names for our parts, the function of those parts and how to tell if they were not functioning correctly. We even openly discussed our periods, the boys of the family frequently fetching hot water bottles and cups of tea for the crampy,  hormonal females. Although I think I embraced the concept of my period a little more readily than my sister who upon hearing she would have to have periods declared that she was going to cut her fanny off!

Growing up I assumed everybody’s house was like this- full of open discussion, not sisters threatening to remove their vagina’s. I learned pretty rapidly that this was not the case. During my pre-teens I learned pretty quickly that the messages I had received at home were very wrong. It was not ok to call your parts their correct names, in fact you would get teased mercilessly if you did. The idea that you could possibly be ok with your own body was also ridiculed and you wouldn’t fit in with a peer group unless you had a list of things that you loathed about yourself. These messages stayed with me for many many years. Thankfully I no longer feel this way and I overtly embrace my body and the names for all of my parts once more.

 However when I teach sexual health workshops it never ceases to amaze me the amount of adults who lose the ability to speak when it comes to naming a body part. I have had professional women panic at the idea of having to say “Breasts” out loud. There is still a huge level of shame around the names for our parts. Instead we refer to them in terms of location – “Yknow Down there ” or in hushed whispered tones “It was his…..(looks left and right then whispers) Bum” All of this modesty and yet these parts are Everywhere!! There are boobs in the newspaper, bums galore, vagina’s advertising that they need to be waxed bedazzled, bejeweled or have a water feature installed- demanding things these vagina’s. 

I have a challenge for you dear reader. I want you to pick names for your parts. Whatever language you are comfortable with, boobs, tits, fanny, vagina,  bum, arse, cock, penis, willy, tallywhacker, balls etc. etc. When you have picked your terms of choice repeat these terms to yourself until you are comfortable enough to use them with another human being. I don’t mean shouting the word fanny at strangers on the bus- unless that’s what you’re into. I mean using it in conversation with people you can trust. They are just words, remember that. They are just body parts. Trust me once you become comfortable with these terms so will other people and when you become comfortable with the names for your parts you will become more comfortable with the parts themselves. Who doesn’t need a little less body shame in their lives. Not only that but you might be surprised using the names might invite your friends and loved ones to use their words too. Imagine how much more interesting your conversations could become! All the enlightened people having conversations and being utterly ok with their bodies and what they do. Oh what a wonderful world it would be!

Now go forth and make your list and let me know how you get on!







Hello and Welcome to Rebelle-ution!

This feels strangely like a blind date, in a way I guess it is. You don’t know me, I don’t know you and yet here we are having this one sided communication. Isn’t the world a magnificent place. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

My name is Rebelle Haze and I am a Sex Educator. Sounds like I’m introducing myself at a meeting- I promise I won’t always be this formal. I am a short, fierce, fat, tatted up, non- hetro, feminist- but don’t let that put you off!. The reason I started Rebelle-ution is because I think the world would be a much better place if we were a lot more accepting of our bodies and the wonderful things they can do. I would quite like a world where women could talk openly about their sex lives and not feel like the had to be embarrassed and where people could talk about their parts without referring to them as “down there” or “yknow”. Basically I want to use my knowledge of sex and sexuality to improve not only your knowledge of your body and your connection with that body but also to improve your sex life. I’ve done all this training, I have all this knowledge, it’d be selfish of me not to share it right!

It is my aim to make this an inclusive site. This is not intended to be a hetero-centric or hetero-phobic website, that is to say I do not want to intentionally exclude any group when I am writing. If you feel at any point I have isolated you or a group of people then pretty please tell me! Furthermore this is your website too, if there is something you want to learn more about or something you want to ask then please do. I endeavour to answer as many queries as possible.

Before we begin this wonderful journey of sexual exploration and education I must stress that the opinions expressed in this blog are just my opinions. They are not intended to replace professional advice. If you are concerned about an issue then please consult your physician. You can read more about this here. 

Once more you are very welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy it.