Bliss Festival 2015



I am so very excited to announce that I will be involved with Bliss Festival 2015!! 

 To find out more about the Bliss Festival then please log on to

Bliss Ireland creates events that aim to foster & promote Sexual Freedom, Health & Pleasure in Mind, Body & Spirit. Each event is different but the values & intentions behind them remain constant – that of deep care & respect for one’s self & others. Of course your experience will be unique, but, it’s hoped that what follows will give you a flavour of what is being offered. You are warmly & sincerely invited to be a part of it.

In many parts of the world our experience of our whole selves as human beings has been fractured into different pieces – the mind & intellect nurtured & fostered with education & mental learning, bodies nourished by food, sports & whatever other ways one chooses that are open to us, & the spirit is fed in different ways too; for some by religion or other spiritual practices, for others by being in nature, & in other ways too.

Often times our sexual selves, the unique expression of the life force that drives & moves everything in the cosmos, is often left out of the equation, or else it’s packaged neatly & tidily into something to be taken care of medically, pathologised or legislated for by church or state, to be feared as something uncontrollable, predatory, dangerous & wild that must be regulated & tamed.

It’s rare in ‘’the west’’, particularly in Ireland, that space is given or taken to discuss, explore & experience this primal life force energy, to cultivate, nourish & nurture it as a way to experience greater vitality & vibrancy, to deeply connect with oneself & others & cultivate a deeper more expansive, & transcendent, experience of life itself, but one that still has a deep potency & virility.

This is what Bliss Ireland events aim to offer you: the opportunity to join a conversation that brings sexuality into the realms of mind, body and spirit to the degree that feels good & right for you individually. Bliss Ireland intends a conversation between & about what it means to be a fully whole, vibrant & potent human being.

All events welcome all people, regardless of any labels you may choose to place upon yourself or that others may choose to place upon you. Previous attendees at events have called themselves gay, heterosexual, bisexual & label-less, male, female, genderless, from many countries speaking many languages, ranging in age from their early 20s to 70s, black, white, Asian, single, partnered, monogamous, polyamorous, celibate etc – it’s a very diverse community, which is something we’re proud of, but there is one thing in common with most attendees at Bliss events – an open mind & heart.

What most people have enjoyed about previous Bliss events is both the opportunity to learn about new practices & ways of experiencing the world through the workshops, talks etc. & also simply the opportunity to meet like-minded people in relaxed & beautiful environments. If you attend one of our events you are most likely to meet people willing to explore & express what it means to be human in a way that expressly includes sexuality, spirituality & the consciousness of mind within this vast cosmos in which we are traveling.

So, you are warmly invited to join the conversation, to learn about practices that may facilitate you having a different experience of your relationship with yourself & with others, to meet people to connect with in as much depth of intimacy as you mutually desire, to expand the boundaries of how you are in the world & indeed how you experience & witness it, as much as is comfortable for you, & to breathe deeply & relax more fully into the authentic nature of who, how & what you experience yourself to be.

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