I’m going to do a Boudoir Shoot with Boudoir Girls & You should too!!


Let me start this article by stating two facts….

Fact One- Being photographed has never been high on my list of favourite things to do. Being photographed in the nude/ in my underwear- even further down the list.

Fact Two- I am a plus-size girl who is still not 100% comfortable with her body and on occasion has had a few self love issues. 

This  in mind Iet me tell you why I am going to do a Boudoir Photoshoot and why you (yes, YOU) should do it too!

Pink Boudoir

The majority of my life I have never been completely comfortable with my body. I was never thin but I was thinner than I am now and even then when I looked in the mirror all I saw was ugly, horrible, fatness. Now as I approach my 30’s and have  even more stretch marks and scars and even some lovely cellulite that marks who I am and where I’ve been. You know what though, I have never been happier about my appearance. 

Filled with this affirming thought and fired up about my “Daring to Bare” article, I got in contact with Natalie from Boudoir Girls! Both this website and I need gorgeous photographs and I need a kick ass photographer who knows and appreciates the female form-we will be a match made in heaven!

So. here are my reasons for choosing a shoot with Boudoir Girls:

(maybe they’ll resonate for you too)



1. To capture being in a great placeI have recently set up my very own website (welcome) and I am super excited about it!. I am involved in tonnes of writing projects, even though I was once told I would not make a very good writer. I am getting more in control of my anxiety. There are heaps more reasons why I am in the best place I have ever been and I want to celebrate that! And share it here with all of you of course!!

2. I want to become more comfortable in my own body: Ok, so I am already pretty comfortable with my body but There are still parts of me that I am not quite as fond of as others. It is my dream to be completely in love with my own body this photo shoot with help to get me there.I know I’m not the exactly the shy retiring type but who doesn’t love compliments! I know these photos will do wonders.  

3. To look and feel sexy : Where’s the fun in educating others about Sex if you can’t feel like a sex kitten yourself. I need to practice what I preach and I will take great pleasure in doing so!

4. It’s an excuse to buy cute outfits and underwear:  Not that I need a single excuse in the world to buy and show off my new purchases, but it’s nice to have one all the same. 

5. Celebrate being a Woman: Being a woman rocks! Being a strong and independent woman rocks even harder! Yay for being awesome!



I almost left this one out but I decided to put myself out there

6. To inspire others!: Seeing a fat woman is a rarity. Seeing a fat woman looking sexy is even rarer. I want to inspire people to love themselves as they are. Just because you can’t see someone like you out there looking sexy and fabulous doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be out there. No skinny shaming, no fat shaming, no body shaming full stop. The body you have right now is the perfect body because it is yours. Why wait for someone else to get there? Be your own idol and inspiration! 


So what are you waiting for? Get Booking!



Image Source: http://www.boudoirgirls.net


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