Rebelle’s Guide to Safe Sext


Unless you’ve been hiding away from social media or you’re just not that interested in celebrity gossip you will have heard about the leaked nude photographs of celebrities. With new technology it is all too easy for photographs to go from personal to viral in no time at all. Good news when you want to be in the know, bad news if it’s your booty on show. 

‘Sexting’ refers to someone sending sexually explicit pictures of themselves or others via a mobile phone, email or the web.

It can be a wonderfully intimate sexy thing to do for your partner, however it can also mean you are exposing yourself, quite literally in more ways than you would like. 

This handy little guide will help you Sext to your hearts content whilst minimizing the risk.

Please note: If you live in Ireland and you have a sexually explicit pictures (naked, or pictures of bits that are typically covered by bra’s and underwear) of someone under 17, even if it is you, you could be charged with child pornography charges. Even if you send and delete it you can be charged with distributing child pornography. Bottom line if you or your partner is under 17 no sexting for you- it’s not worth the risk. For those outside Ireland pretty please check your own laws.


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Rule 1 : Have Anonymous Sext

 If you are going to send pictures of yourself, keep them anonymous! You know it’s you, the person you are sending it to knows it’s you but if it gets forwarded on, it could be anybody.  A good rule to follow is this: if anyone close to you ended up seeing the picture, would they instantly know it was you? If a stranger saw it on the internet, would they recognize you if they saw you in person? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then you’re showing too much! Remember, no pictures of your face; identifying features such as a mole, piece of jewelry, tattoo, piece of clothing, etc.; and no captions with the picture that mention anything personal! If it can be linked back to you it’s a no, no. 


Suggest naked
Rule 2: Keep it PG

Let’s be honest Sexting does not suggest PG activity, but that is the point, it is suggestive without being explicit. There are plenty of Sexts you can send that don’t cross the line: partially nude photos, artfully taken pictures of parts of your body (artfully = strategically hiding your naughty bits!), flirtatious texts about your relationship (whatever that may be), and maybe even plans to meet up later without specific details, just implied details. Sexting should definitely be fun, but it can definitely do damage your reputation if the guy decides he wants to show his friends. So that means no completely nude photos of yourself, no raunchy texts back and forth, and no promises about what you’re going to do to him later. If it’s something you would never want anyone else to see, not even a good friend, then you probably shouldn’t send it!

Drunken kisses

Rule 3: No Drunken Sexting

You wouldn’t make any other important decisions while you were drunk would you? So pretty please do not decide that two in the morning, after one too many cocktails, is the right time to send that cutie you’ve been eyeing up a raunchy text. If you’re feeling inspired then absolutely save a draft and have a look at it again in the morning. If you still think it’s a good idea then go for it….provided you are still following the rest of the rules. 

 Something Sexy

Rule 4: It Should Be Mutual

It seems to me that there is an expectation that it is the girl’s responsibility to turn a guy on- Errrr No! If you’re the one taking all of the risks and receiving nothing in return, then speak up or stop giving it up. Yes it’s nice to be adored or lusted after be sure you’re not being taken advantage of by making them reciprocate. You can flirtatiously let them know that they are not being fair by saying “Aw, Not fair I never get anything from you…” or “Ok, now it’s your turn!” They should get the hint, if not then just stop. Nobody needs a selfish partner. 


Rule 5: Have Consentual Sext

Make sure your reasons for sexting are your own reasons. Never let a partner pressure you into doing or showing something which makes you uncomfortable. There is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting to be intimate in person. If  they are pressuring you for a sext, let them know in a cute way that it’s not going to happen by saying something like, “I’d rather talk about this in person…” or “Maybe we can make that happen later tonight.”… only if you’re ready of course. If they still try to push you, then make it a little more clear: “I don’t feel comfortable doing that” or “I prefer physical contact”  If they still push then give them the push, Sexting should be sexy not pressured. 

Ok I’ve told you what not to do, so here’s what you can do. 

Send photos that imply something more, such as a photo of your unmade bed or a picture of your lingerie drawer
The ‘…’ is your best friend: If you add dot dot dot to the end of any sentence, it makes it sound flirty no matter what. For example, “I can’t wait to see you later…”
If you want to get them excited, start by complimenting them on something they did the last time you two were together. You can make this as tame or as naughty as you want. For example, “I can’t believe what an amazing kisser you are…” or “Last night was so amazing”

The true key to safe sexting is to stay within your comfort zone. Trust your instincts – if you aren’t sure you can trust your partner with a photo of yourself, then don’t send one. If you aren’t sure how they  will respond to a sext from you, then the two of you probably aren’t at that level yet. Sexting, just like physical sex, will always be the best if you feel safe, comfortable, and protected. It’s your Sex(t) life and you know it better than anyone else. It can be naughty fun for new couples or longer term couples. Only you know how far to push your boundaries.

The bottom line Rebelle-utionaries: It’s your body- Do what you very well please with it!!

Stay Safe Sexters!



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