When Thank You Just Doesn’t Seem Like Enough!!

Dear My Wonderful Wonderful Readers,


Whether you have been there from the days of Lashes, Lace & Ink or if this is the very first post you have seen, I want to say thank you so very much for taking the time to read what I write. You read, you comment, you engage and you share as much of yourselves as I do, if not more for all of this effort from the bottom of my very soul I thank you.

Your bravery and your interactions have made the last 48 hours utterly unforgettable. I have quite literally gone from being a mental health closet case to having people bare their souls to me. The secrets about their own mental health that they have held close for so long were suddenly thrown forth to the sky like dusty moths never to return. I am not saying that they now no longer have to be secretive about their mental health but they at least had one way of venting and putting it out there even if it was for five minutes, five seconds or put down as an online comment.

I believe your words and your story are an immense source of power. Your power can be used to help lift others up offering comfort, hope and inspiration. They can also be a power that buries you allowing you to perish. If you fight so hard to keep those words and censor yourself you spend a great deal of time pre planning your choice of words.

The conversations I have had over the last 48 hours have lifted me to a plane I never knew existed. One person reached out to say how very different their life would have been had I not been a part of it, people have shared their opinions of my bravery for sharing my story and putting my face to it. Sweethearts let me tell you this I am only a human, I hope to live my life in the most positive way possible and treating others with dignity and respect. I put this out there with very little expectation of anything in return, not because I am some sort of saint but because I do it just because it makes me feel better. I have quite literally been reduced to tears this evening because of the kind words people have said and sent to me.

My initial response was to be completely humble and not mention the responses I received, however I fully believe that this would be doing a great disservice to anybody who took something from the article. Instead I ask you in the first instance to join me on Facebook where the conversations and positivity can be continued if you feel like you want to have a vent, share an issue or simply receive positive messages then please join I would be so happy to chat to you all. Secondly I want to thank all of you for inspiring me to “walk the talk” because of your presence and bravery sharing your stories I feel braver and with every new step I take I really feel like I have all of you with me. When the rest of the world is a pretty shitty place and people step on you and remind you of just how unimportant you are it is you darlings that help me keep my head up and want to keep on fighting!

Thank you is not enough, it will never be enough. Two words could never express the gratitude I feel to you all for allowing me to have this website to share my musings. I hope you benefit as much from reading it as I do writing it. Whether or not you realise it you have changed my life. You may never have set eyes on me before but you, you reading this I want you to know that you have contributed to my journey of personal growth and for such a gift a mere thank you will never be enough.

Deepest Love Always,

An incredibly grateful,

Rebelle xoxoxo


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