Fanny Facts!!


For your reading pleasure I have compiled my top ten favourite vagina facts!

  1. The word Vagina comes from the Latin for Sheath – where you keep your sword. It also means Scabbard but frankly I’d prefer not to have the word scab associated with my Vagina.
  2. The plural for Vagina is is vaginae or vaginas, y’know if it ever comes up in a pub quiz or you need to address more than one at a time.
  3. Hair on your hoo hah only grows for three weeks whereas the hair on your head can grow for up to seven years.
  4.  The expulsion of air from the vagina is commonly referred to as a queef or fanny fart. Unlike the release of air from the rectum , air released from the vagina is odourless and is completely unrelated to the rectum.16980239
  5. Each vagina has it’s own unique odour- like a flower.
  6. The pH of the vagina is around 4. This is the same pH has wine and beer.
  7. The clitoris has more nerve endings than anywhere else on the body. – If you want to test the strength of a vibrator  against your clit but you don’t want to be removed from your Canoodle Party, touch it against the tip of your nose!
  8. Your vagina expands during sex! Have you ever wondered how your vagina can seem pretty shallow when you’re inserting a tampon but it can also handle large toys and/ or your partner. This is down to Vaginal Tenting, when the inner two thirds of your vagina increases in length  and width.  *Dun dun daaah- Super Foof!*cartoon-Betty-White-on-Balls-jpg
  9. Your va-jay-jay is an independent va-jay-jay. So much so it is self cleaning- just be careful because some washes can increase your risk of bacterial and yeast infections by throwing your pH levels off balance.
  10. All Vaginas are Normal Vaginas!! So what if yours doesn’t look like the ones in porn, they are actresses they are hired for their special look and skills. This is not a competition or a comparison your Vage is awesome!!






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