Big Fat Lies

Hi, my name is Rebelle and I am fat!

Reading that word alone, seeing someone admit to it out loud will conjure up a thousand different emotions and preconceptions for people. Today I would like to talk to you all about some of the Big Fat Lies  people tell about Fat and Fat People.

What is fat?

Fat is a natural oily substance occurring in bodies, especially when deposited as a layer under the skin or around certain organs- at least according to Google. What that means is that fat is a part of your body, like eyelashes and fingernails, nothing more, nothing less. Yet there are a tonne of preconceptions about what it means to be fat.

Big Fat Lies

All fat people are lazy:

That’s a little harsh! Your weight does not dictate your level of motivation, in spite of what some people will have you believe. Your weight, shape, size is no more a determinant on your levels of laziness than your height. It’s all sillyness.

You cannot be fat and healthy:

How the medical profession would rejoice if it was possible to just look at someone and determine their levels of health. All of these wonderful people online who can simply look at a picture of a person, usually female and determine how healthy they are. Further to that they are also able to predict future ailments and even cause of death. “She might be pretty now but she wont be pretty when she drops dead of a heart attack” Honestly the waste of skills trolling on pictures when they could be revolutionizing the fields of health and medicine. I call nonsense on such claims. Pretty please don’t take my ranty words for it but please do read the ever informative Health at Every Size. They are much more articulate and intellectual at calling bull on the models of health that suggest only the super slender can be healthy.

Fat people are stupid:

Errr no, just no and more no. It’s not a sliding scale of intellectualism. Gain a few pounds drop a few IQ points. I have yet to hear a diet that promotes increased mental capacity as a positive side effect. Stupid people are stupid that is all.

Fat people shouldn’t be seen:

D’awww does my fatness upset you? Is my fat body putting you off your dinner? Does the fact that fat people are allowed to roam freely in public places offend your sensibilities? Well do you know what you can do- Not Look!! You have free will and a choice. If you do not want to see fatness then don’t look. Another persons right to a happy existence should never be determined by another’s feelings about something as petty as appearances. It’s like deciding that nobody else can have chocolate because you are on a diet- make your choices for you not for everybody else.


Fat women can’t/ shouldn’t wear:

Aaah yes the age old adage of “flattering”. Children cover your delicate ears. I am here to say Fuck Flattering!! Wear whatever the hell you want and do not give a fiddlers what anybody else has to say about it. Their opinion of you is none of your business. Why should anybodies clothing choices be restricted due to the taste and sensibilities of others. Bare your arms, show off your thighs, wear the crop top, wear a habit, whatever YOU choose to wear just wear it. Kick ass and be confident in it, let the whisperers whisper on in their small corners, they will never know the freedom of not giving a single fuck about others petty whinges. Rebel against the can’ts and shouldn’ts and just do you!

Fat Chicks are desperate:

Some fat chicks have had their self esteem battered and belittled repeatedly and consequently they may not make the best choices. Hell some people don’t make good choices in general. That does not make us grateful for your attention, no we do not want to be your fat girl experience, a fetish or an experiment. Thanks for the flattery but kindly take it elsewhere. I know hard to believe that even though I’m an angry fat chick I do get hit on. Tip if you’re funny, respectful and actually interested in a convo with lil ol me then sliiiide right on over here and lets do this thing.


Fat chicks give great head:

Oh I see what you did there! Cause I’m fat, I like to eat, like with my mouth and cause my mouth gets used a lot and I’m a greedy little piggy then I am utterly dying to suck you off and it’ll be totally be amazing right?? Do I need to spell it out, really? An individuals size, shape or weight is not related to their oral skills. An individual can develop oral skills or just be naturally talented at giving head.  Sadly eating more cake will not make you better at giving head. It’s just pure coincidence that I could suck-start a Harley.

All fat people are Happy/Miserable:

Your body size or the amount of fat in your body has very little to do with your level of happiness. Acceptance of your body and self love of course will bring you happiness but that is not exclusive to fat people. Happiness does not merely increase with waist size. Some fat people are happy, some fat people are grumpy sods but their emotional state can not usually be determined by their clothes size.


Fat shaming is a kindness- it will help them become motivated to lose weight:

If fat and body shaming worked the women that used the internet would all look a crossbreed between porn stars and super models. All body shaming does is attempt to make people feel bad or worse about themselves. Quit the negative energy trolling, you’re not helping anybody and you probably weren’t asked either so ever so kindly jog on.

Fat people are unattractive!

No words, just this. End Of!


Men like women with a little more meat on their bones:

Point 1: What the heck does it matter what men prefer? Since when was a woman’s body shape and type determined by the desires of men or anybody. Your body is your body, if someone desires it and that’s ok with you- wonderful. If they don’t like it – Next please!! Point 2: Body shaming is when inappropriate negative statements and attitutes toward another person’s weight or size.

Curves are much sexier than fat! 

Oh this is my favourite one! No darling you’re curvy not fat! As if being fat was a horrendous awful thing! Fat isn’t awful but the notions we have ascribed to fat and being fat can be pretty terrible. However being curvy is splendid! All the sexiest women are curvy right?? I hate to break it to you but curves are socially acceptable and sexually attractive fat. Those breasts you’re ogling are bags of breast tissue and fat, hips are your pelvis and some fat, thick thighs and big bums, all have fat too. Some more than others but it is there. So I guess the problem isn’t fat the problem is the perception. So how about we scrap the perceptions, quit buying into the myth of what is and isn’t beautiful, stop giving our money to companies that make us feel shit about ourselves, quit policing our bodies and diets and just get on with having a kick ass life. Imagine how much more fun you would have and how much time you’d have on your hands if you quit listening to the haters and started loving your body.





Just so we are clear there isn’t a blessed thing wrong with wanting to change your body either. It’s your body and if you want to change it I’m all for it, I just don’t think anybody else should ever have the right to determine what happens with someone else’s body.


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