Rebelle’s Guide to Gorgeous

Since doing my photo-shoot with Boudoir Girls I have had a huge amount of public and private comments from people telling me how much they admire my bravery and my body confidence. The most surprising part was not that people were making positive comments but what was surprising was the people in my life who did comment. I guess I kind of take for granted the “type” of people who I would assume are full of body confidence and it would have never even cross my mind that they might have issues with their own body. I am here to say that this needs to stop right now! Even if you are working on your body, there is no reason why you can’t love it for what it is right now and continue to love it as it changes.

Anyways that’s enough of my preaching. Instead of ranting on about how much I would love it if everyone got up in the morning and loved what they saw in the mirror, I will tell you the things I do to make me feel gorgeous!



Strike a pose!

Sure it sounds totally daft but posing in the mirror has done wonders for my self esteem. I’m not gonna lie, in the beginning it was a struggle. It would take me quite a while to find anything I liked and I mean anything! I hated every single aspect of myself. So I started small, I love my eyes, and I focused on them until I really loved them. Then I moved on to the rest of my face and eventually on to my whole body. Do I still have iffy days, sure, that’s totally normal. In the best of relationships you’re gonna have not so good days and that is exactly what you have with your body is a relationship. You gotta fill your relationship with love and positivity to get the best out of it. Nobody want’s a miserable relationship full of negativity, it’ll drag you down.

Spoil Yourself!

One of the perks of a relationship apart from undivided love, attention and cuddles is presents!! Uh huh you heard me, presents. Spoil yourself, just cause. Buy the things that make you happy. A body scrub, a lippie, a mug whatever makes you happy- if you can support a small business while doing it then all the happier. Spread the love around. It’s what I do and I’m not one bit ashamed of it. I buy myself nice things and it makes me feel better. I get cute new outfits or a lil head band and I am happy as a clam.

dont speak

Put on some slap…. if that’s what you’re into. 

I totally get that makeup isn’t for everyone and some people would rather do something else with their time than perfecting their winged liner, however I am not one of those people. I love my makeup, I really really do. Some people put on their makeup, just because, I paint my whole face. Sad but true, I see my mug as a canvas and I paint it accordingly. I change the colour of my brows, colour my lips, practice eyeliner shapes, lash on mascara and highlight my chipmunk cheeks cause it makes me so very happy. Once upon a time I was shamefully bad at applying makeup but you tube is a godsend. All the pretty tutorials. I also have to thank Urban Decay Limerick for a one day master class that helped me perfect the basics. Every little helps as the saying goes and if it makes you feel better then why the heck not.


Love your clothes. 

I am the first to admit my colour palette when it comes to my clothing tends to be on the black side.  It’s not because I’m trying to hide myself away or cover my lumps and bumps. I just really like black. Good for all occasions, formal, informal the works. That said I have started being a little braver in my choices as of late and I am liking seeing more of my body in my clothing. Not to mention this being the first ever summer I dared to bare my upper arms. Let me tell you this darlings, if you haven’t before you need to get those arms out. Guess what happens, nothing!! Ok that’s a lie, One you feel so much cooler and more comfortable and two once you’ve done it once or twice you will really start to wonder why your upper arms scared you so much in the first place. Being braver about your clothes will just make you feel better. Eff what others think, the should’s and should not’s of fashion. Here’s the only rule, Do you have a body? Put whatever clothes you like on it. Unless of course clothes aren’t for you in which case you rock that look like a motha!



Get Naked and Take Pictures!

Please don’t choke or laugh or snort. I can hear ya, y’know. “Who’d want to see me naked?” You do that’s who. I thought I loved my body unconditionally until it came time for me to have my naked photo shoot. It was then all the nerves kicked in. Oh but my back fat, my non-existent arse and the cellulite oh dear god the cellulite. Y’know what though it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have never felt so brave and so beautiful and quite kick ass! I have to say a large portion of that is down to the fabulous Natalie @ Boudoir Girls who didn’t flutter an eyelid at my nude and semi nude self going this way between shots. Y’know what the pictures I have are not perfect and why should they be I’m not perfect. But they are stunningly beautiful and Natalie helped me see a side of myself I didn’t think I would ever see and for that I am eternally grateful. So yes if you get the chance you should get the pictures taken. Don’t wait until the whenever just do it! Do it for you and do it soon, you simply must.


Surround yourself with positive people!

It is so easy in this life to be surrounded by miserable people. People who are unhappy with themselves and therefore feel that you should feel the very same way. Sometimes these people are family or people that you absolutely cannot avoid but for the rest of them cut em loose. Time on this earth is short and precious don’t waste your time, effort, energy, positivity and brilliance on people who can’t or don’t appreciate the brilliant person you are. Whatever your age, gender, shape, size, colour, ability, creed or whatever you deserve to feel good about yourself.

So there you go, a list of some of the things I do to feel beautiful in all possible ways. I would love you to share some of your ideas for feeling gorgeous with me.



Photography by Boudoir Girls 

Makeup by Colette Makeup Artist


Today I am channeling Amy Winehouse

It’s so hard to believe that it’s been three years since dear Amy has passed from this great world to join some musical greats. This Saturday whilst sitting in my garden listening to Spotify the beautiful tones of “Will you still love me tomorrow” rang out. I was instantly reminded of a time in my existence when Amy was what got me through the days. Here is a list of reasons why I will love Miss Amy now, forever and always.


1. Her Iconic Hairstyle.

All you have to mention is a beehive and the majority of people will recall Amy’s epic bouffant. In spite of mass criticism she rocked this do until her final days. Here’s to you Amy for not giving a single fiddlers about the nay-sayers.

2. She inspired a wave of talented artists that followed her.

It was one of her most brilliant contributions to this world. She kicked down the door of sugar sweet pop music and gave the world a taste of jazz and blues music and in her wake followed a wave of supremely talented artists who she inspired. The world is a much better place for not only her own musical offerings but for the influence she had on the world of music also. She wrote from the very pits of her heart and soul no matter how painful and you believed every word she sang because you knew that it was all so very real. Sadly a great deal of people only truly recognised her brilliance when she was no longer with us to share her brilliance.

3. She was a kick ass Tattooed lady.

I will always have a soft spot for women who kick ass and sport ink. She wore hers with the air of an old school Sailor Jerry pin up. Sure people had their opinions on her ink. Did she care? Did she f*ck! They were her tattoos and she wore them with pride. You have to admire that kind of attitude, it’s one I certainly have learned to emulate as a Tattooed Lady. Everyone has their opinions but as the quote goes “Your opinion of me is none of my business”

4. She wrote the saddest love songs.

Though Back to black may not immediately strike you as a love song but it is, in the most heart breaking way. She showed us a very real side of love, it isn’t always sugary sweet and wonderful. Sometimes that sh*t is real and real hard too. It can be tragic, heartbreaking and beautiful and Amy wrote and sang it so well.

5. Her style was completely her own.

The hair, the clothes, the make-up – Amy had a look that stood out in a time when our media world was  were filled with perfect little pop dollies, fresh off the mainstream production line. All pristine, all perfect, all f*ckable and all the very same. Sure she slipped up in other areas, but in a culture that is so obsessed with looking a certain kind of perfect – she did her own thing and arguably was a great role model in that sense.

6. She had an incredible talent.

Amy left this world all too young with only two albums under her belt but her talent and impact out-shon that fact. Her impact on the world of music with those two albums is unquestionable. with her unique voice and her wonderful London accent there are few that can compare to her brilliance. In my eyes anyway. She worked hard and paved her own way in the world of music when everyone else was relying on “talent” shows and gimmicks Amy was one of the originals.

7. She just didn’t care what people thought.

I’ve mentioned it more than once but I think it is such a wonderful attribute that I feel it deserves a point of it’s own. The person who describes best is Amy herself.


8. She was hugely charitable.

We have hear about Amy’s Dad Mitch’s Amy Winehouse foundation but did you know he was inspired by his daughters generosity. She paid for the surgery of a man in St. Lucia who said “Her generosity gave me my life back”  Among the charities that Amy donated her time, money and talent to include the following “Adopt A Minelfield”, “Anti Slavery International”, “Breast Cancer Campaign”, “CARE (relief agency)”, “Children of the Andes”, “Children’s Medical Research Institute”, “Christian Children’s Fund”, “City at Peace”, “Comic Relief”, “Great Ormond Street Hospital”, “Greenpeace”, “Healthlink Worldwide”, “Hear the World”, “Heifer International”, “Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen”, “The Red Cross”, “LIFEbeat”, “Lifeline and rape crisis PMB”, “Opportunity International”, “Oxfam, rights and humanity”, “Save the Children”, “Save the Music Foundation”, “ST Jude Children’s Research Hospital”, “Teenage Cancer Trust”, “Christina Noble Children’s Foundations”, “Little Dreams Foundation”, “Lotus Outreach”, “Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund”, “UNHCR”, “UNICEF”, “V-Day”, “Water Aid” and “World Neighbours”. Alas this side of Amy was not as profitable to the papers as the photographs of her in varying states of disarray.

9. She was cool. 

Sure it’s not high up on the list of attributes you look for in a role model but it certainly is a point that applies to Amy. She didn’t care about being the prettiest girl in the charts. She didn’t care about the headlines and drama that followed her around. She hung out in Camden with her friends, she drank in normal pubs and she just didn’t give a flying  f*ck.  She was immortalised by Banksy.  That, my darlings, is cool.

10. She was Frank.

The first piece of Amy’s artistic brilliance was titled Frank and she could’t have picked a better title for her debut than this. It sums her up perfectly. Sure she was flawed, she had her issues, she had her weaknesses but she was always the first to point them out. She put them on display for the world to see, in her life in her music she laid herself bare to the world, instead of hiding behind a flurry of PR and spin.  Her flaws were just a part of who she was. ‘You Know I’m No Good’ is a musical admission of this. It’s unspeakably brave and  honest.

So you see my darlings these and so many more are the reasons I love and identify with dearest Amy. She is wonderful, she is brilliant and sadly she is gone. She will live on eternally through her music and her attitude. It is on days like today when things are a little tougher than they should be I look to Amy and draw strength from her brilliance. Sure there are other coping mechanisms but today this is the one that works for me.

Stay well my lovelies




I am a Feminist!!


By now it should come as no surprise that I am a Feminist. This is a statement that still causes confusion and controversy. The following is a list of reasons why I am a feminist.

I want to be heard. 

Were it not for feminism there is a likelyhood that I would be in a kitchen some place scrubbing pots, pans and floors with a litter of little uns at my feet and very little time to share my unique insights with you lovelies. Once upon a time ladies were for admiring not for listening to. I for one am glad for feminism so that I can write.

I believe my uterus is my business. 

Alas I live in Ireland and my uterus and it’s occpancy status is the business of the government. However because I am a feminist and I think your uterus is your business not anyone elses. For the women of the world who can claim this as a fact I salute you, you lucky bitches.


I think Slut Shaming is anti woman nonsense. 

Slut shaming is a load of old bollocks!! Everybody should be free to wear whatever the hell they want without a bunch of finger waggers casting aspersions on someones character . Quite frankly you should be allowed sleep with whoever the hell you want and not get judged for it. Just be safe n consensual y’know.

Different wages for different genders is nonsense. 

Having ovaries does not make you incapable, owning breasts does not make us less able to do a job, we didn’t have babies by ourselves there was another individual involved. Why the frick do we get less wages because of our biology. Nonsense!!


A woman is a woman is a woman.

If you were born it, became it, dress as it, call yourself it, want to be it, then you are it- if you so choose. The idea that a trans woman is less of a woman than any other  woman is a nonsense. Quite frankly we need as many sisters as we can get, welcome aboard kitten. I salute you and your bravery.

I want to be able to walk late at night. 

Nobody bats an eyelid at the thought of a man walking late at night. Mention that a woman might like to go for a midnight stroll and she is “asking to be raped”. There’s no such sanctions placed on rapists however women everywhere are forced to alter their behaviour on threat of an attack. Here’s an idea why don’t we preach a message that stands against rape and female violence instead of teaching little girls to be afraid and alter their behaviour.

Riots not Diets.

More focus is put on the size of Kim Kardashians arse than is given to the revolutionary women of the world. Screw calorie counting let’s start counting injustices and doing something about them!!


I have short purple hair and I couldn’t give a flying fiddlers. 

A beauty standard is set of what women “should” wear, look like, behave like and it’s a load of old nonsense. Because of feminism I believe my choices are my  choices I look, think, act and dress however the hell I like. If you don’t like it that is quite alright kindly look the other way.

I love men. 

I know tonnes of men, hell I’m even related to a few. Feminism means that men aren’t restricted to traditional notions of masculinity. They can be whatever kind of man they choose to be. If they choose to be a feminist man all the better!!


Because the word Feminist still scares people.

There are still so many people who do not identify as a feminist. We’ve had some bad press. There are a few feminists that tout the “all men are rapists” line, I’m not one of those. I do think that you should be able to be whatever you want, be educated , be married without having to take a surname, have children and generally live a kick ass life in whatever way you choose or don’t choose. Moreover you should not be treated unfairly because of your gender. If you believe your money is your own and you have the right to keep it, congratulations you are a feminist. I promise it’s not that scary.



Mug by Skullmuggery 

Pin Up Perfection

A little while ago I shared a little secret with you all- that I was going to do a naked photo-shoot. Well on Saturday morning I packed up my car and headed to Galway to meet the ultra gorgeous Natalie from Boudoir Girls Photography. This is us!

I’m  not gonna lie pre-shoot I was full of butterflies. Selfies aside I don’t have very many photographs taken and when I do I’m usually pulling faces or grinning like an idiot. So I compiled a list of my butterflies and how they simply fluttered away as the day progressed.

1. What if we don’t click it could make the shoot very awkward if I’m not comfortable.

Natalie is an absolute doll!! I mean that in the sincerest way possible. She is exceptionally chatty, down to earth and friendly which immediately puts you at ease. It comes across that she is so passionate about her her work. Yes I am having a fan girl moment but she is a complete sweet heart.

2. I have no idea what to bring with me!

I brought everything! I mean everything, all classes of accessories and clothing options. I even had a photography book with me. If there is something you know you want in a picture then bring it, if you are unsure bring it! It’s better to have it with you than wishing you had brought it. She will even help you out with outfit choices that will work best in pictures. Plus she has a range of items on hand for you to use on the day too so if you are unsure just give her a message or a call and she can run through some ideas with you.

3. Err I’m not a model how the hell am I gonna pose?

Firstly a lil pre-shoot posing practice never killed anyone. Just go for it to get you into the swing of it. Not to worry Natalie is a complete dote at giving direction on what angles look best in pictures to make you look your most gorgeous. I kid you not in one day I received a lesson in how to pose for pin up photography. I’m no expert but I know way more now than I did last week and the best bit I didn’t feel like a complete eejit doing it, honestly it was pretty awesome.

4. She is gonna see all my wobbly bits!!!

I do believe she has seen more of me naked than any other person ever has. It is also no exaggeration to say that I have never felt so comfortable naked in my life. This is a true testament to her brilliance. My naked fat body was no big deal, not in the slightest. I kid you not we had a full on chat about makeup while I was in the nip. Y’know what I have never felt prouder of myself! Best part of it all I got to see a preview of the pics in the back of the camera and I have to say they looked gorgeous!! I was initially a little iffy about sharing them but those pictures are nothing short of incredible. I could hardly believe they were me. So pretty please don’t let the fear of being naked stop you. Your body is gorgeous and if anyone can help you see that this lady can!!

5. I hope she doesn’t use photo-shop, that’s perpetuating unrealistic standards of beauty!!

I’m happy to say I learned more than just about myself on this shoot. Whatever your photo-shop stance, it will be taken on board, no judgement. I had the idea that photographs were altered to make already thin models look thinner and perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards and that was it. Not so, some of my pictures are going to be altered- because I had some eye shadow fall out. Am I ok with that? Of course I am, I don’t want pesky eye shadow getting in the way of my Boudoir Girls Photographs! Equally if you have a pesky something or other that you don’t want to see in your pictures then that is your business. Whatever works for you is what you will get! Equally if you are anti photo altering and want your images untouched then that is exactly what you will get. No value judgement’s just a kick ass photographer who wants you to be happy with your end result!

If your experience is even a patch on mine you will be completely delighted! Sure I had a few butterflies before hand but I have been on cloud 9 since the shoot. Seeing pictures looking your most gorgeous does something to you. You walk a little taller and that kind of glowing confidence that says hey I know I’m gorgeous and I have these photos to prove it!


So go for it, do it, be brave get naked on camera, do a Boudoir Girls shoot! I promise you that you will not regret it. Practice your body love rebelle-utionaries, it’s a beautiful thing!

Give Natalie @ Boudoir Girls a shout and Tell her Rebelle sent ya!



Self Care Sunday


After all the stresses and illness I am happy to say that I’m in a wonderful place today. I am taking a self care Sunday. Never fear my lovelies there will be a new post from me tomorrow.
Enjoy your Sundays my sweets.