Day 11- Three things I love right now!

Day 11 of the 12 Day Blogger Challenge.  Three things I love right now!! 1. Spotify Not incredibly imaginative I know but I am obsessed by Spotify! Whether I’m reading, writing, relaxing, cleaning or working I always have it on. … Continue reading

Day 8- Home Decor Wishlist

Aaargh technology has failed me!! I scheduled this lovely post to go up yesterday but unfortunately it didn’t happen no matter, it just means you get two lovely posts today instead.

I went on Pinterest got a little too excited about my task and it went from home decor wishlist to home wish list. It’s less Barbie Dream House more Monster High Dream house but no less pretty.

The House: 


Ok, so it doesn’t have to be like this exactly but I would love a great big munster/ adams family house complete with gargoyles and big heavy wooden doors.

This sign by the door!


The Staircase


Ok, I know I have ideas above my station here and that if I actually had this stairs I’d curse it (or be exceptionally fit) but it is so pretty. Wonderful for making an entrance, why you’d need to make an entrance in your own house is beyond me, but should the occasion ever arise you have a grand staircase.

A Great Big Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, traditionally its where we all sit around as a family for meals. Failing that it’s where food get’s made and what is a house without a great big kitchen where you can make goodies for your lovely guests, friends and family.

The Bedroom

wpid-61bf9c4ea3b47629f7b66825b807e378.jpg wpid-b18c67155fbd4d8215ca90e5cf3c5b8a.jpg wpid-f44e441b0a248f906c62ca6b3627c32e.jpg

The bedroom is the room I had most difficulty deciding on so I included them all. I just want somewhere comfy, cozy, relaxing and stress free. Somewhere wonderful to relax and cozy up but equally somewhere that inspires you to get up in the morning and not want to stick to the bed.

The Bathroom

wpid-de80bbe504beb6f70cd0cf2e44d06cc4.jpg wpid-1a2f255ea17333784cc2c1ae7ddd6c61.jpg wpid-18c9d50a6568a9e103080c0be2c39e8b.jpg wpid-cd983fa2b04a38310b86d87a4e9caa74.jpg

I am a big fan of a beautiful bathroom. Soaking in a hot bath with a book and a glass of wine is blissful. Your very own home spa, absoloute bliss.

Vanity Area

wpid-18cdea6e86ee6f4c77d1685f9ce30134.jpg wpid-fe82bfb23cee459d228e6e27d77adcc7.jpg wpid-781e52df666053767ba01ea61579d737.jpg wpid-2ab8802d4e6e6807ce6d706460bf95a4.jpg

What’s a bathroom/ bedroom without a vainty area. Somewhere with wonderful light so you can paint your face. Also a great big book case shelving unit to keep all of your artistic materials and potions.



No dream house is complete without your very own library.

Reading nook

wpid-b0b36a8d9377b57fee960bc67070c0b9.jpg wpid-3ed8762bbac98d16065257f04b335003.jpg wpid-35988719b3db98ce1c2ad4027c1996e9.jpg wpid-50c519c1fff28c304e0a4ae40168c06f.jpg wpid-ee5940a642c1988d34845e365b82298a.jpg wpid-f76435ddad4d88131be187dcdd694bf7.jpg wpid-c9e0cc5046f0feb49696cccf8de1d3f5.jpg wpid-763163d10ed09a54fc5fa1a507de0948.jpg wpid-fdc557444b7770e781800e816f8e3714.jpg

Secondary only to the library the reading nook is so very important. Somewhere you can curl up with a book, or a laptop to write. A nice cozy space distraction free. Granted some of the outdoor ones may not be totally suited to Ireland but build in heaters or bring out blankets and you’ll be grand.

Home Decor


I love candles and this idea is so simple and pretty.


These kitchen caddies are adorable!! Eye of newt tea anyone?


I love this such a beautiful piece to hang in a bedroom or living room space,



I am a big fan of these pretty birdy book ends!


Who needs boring old flowers when you can have a spider bouquet?


Seriously this is couch porn!! This is my ideal couch big comfy, cozy, lots of cushions and enough room for me to sit like a baby buddah. Plus its purple!!


This batty lamp is adorable. It would probably terrify every child that came into the house but still. wpid-a67119ca49e66234dbac251f404db115.jpg

I love this idea relabeled old bottles full of arsenic and belladonna. Cute and simple diy projects.



Because you couldn’t have boring plates.


wpid-326a2578c7c2f0dbe593e927c6dabb0b.jpg wpid-f789259d135d05793c4ef793f171b69c.jpg

This phone is very morticia I love it


This Tea set is everything!!

There you have it folks, my dream house. Anyone willing to donate to the Build Rebelle her Dream house fund, send your details this way.



This is What Anxiety Looks Like!

It’s been a while since I posted this but the message is still as important as ever. Your mental health is part of you, it does not define you!!

Rebelle Girl

Anxiety 1

Today I had a conversation the likes of which I have never had before. I openly discussed my Anxiety. Yes, Hello dear readers, My name is Rebelle and I have Anxiety.

During this conversation I mentioned that the very first person I had seen speak frankly and openly about Anxiety was the blogger Dorkface, who coincidentally inspired me to write my post about Anxiety and Sex. Throughout the conversation I felt like a huge weight had been lifted and I could discuss this aspect of my existence without fear or judgement. It’s funny, I could discuss intimate details of sexual acts and organs to a room full of people but if I have to even allude to my Anxiety I get hives. So here goes, this is my Anxiety story.

Anxiety 2

How it all began….

I was never a social butterfly. I was a dorky, nervous, fat kid with glasses who…

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Beat the Winter Blues

Day 7 of The 12 Day Blogger Challenge Seasonal Inspired Post.  Would you believe this is a post that I have been dreading. When I saw seasonal inspired, my mind immediately went to fashion, trends and all things current. This … Continue reading

Day 6 What I am Currently Reading

Day 6 of the 12 Day Blogger Challenge- What I am Currently Reading. 


It’s been quite a busy few weeks for me, even busier now that I’m doing daily posts and social media interaction.  Therefore my own reading time has diminished.  That said I am looking forward to a break around my birthday and long Christmas holidays so I can immerse myself in books.
For the moment my reading material is limited to the latest issue of Mollie Makes. Mollie Makes is essential reading for all you make n do nuts out there.  It’s full of crafty ideas for creating and customizing. It even came with a brilliant 2015 calender geared towards creative types. So I’m hoping to use it to plan out my writing, modelling and speaking events.  It’s only November but already 2015 is looking bright and exciting.