6 Reasons to fall in love with Urban Decay.

Day 2 of 12 Day Blogger Challenge


Urban Decay has been a firm favourite of mine for many years. In the last year though I have gone from product dabbler to full on UD Product Junkie.  This of course is with the expert help from the lovely ladies at Urban Decay Limerick.  I’m sure all UD makeup artists are amazing but I have yet to call into the Limerick Branch and not come out utterly thrilled with my products and/ or Makeover.

Today’s post is meant to be a brand review but instead I will be telling you all of the reasons I love Urban Decay.

1. Show Stopping Eyeshadows!


Whether you love your shadow soft and sultry or big and bold Urban Decay have something for you! Not only do they offer individual shadow pots but a huge range of palettes to help you create a number of looks. The palettes are very reasonable especially considering the amount of time and use you get out of them. I have the anniversary palette since 2011 and I have barely made a dent in it, not for the want of trying. All of the shadows are highly pigmented and so simple to blend. Team them up with the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion and your eye makeup won’t crease and will last all night without budging.

2.  More Eye Essentials. 

eyesIf you haven’t discovered Perversion Mascara, you are sorely missing out!! It is the single greatest mascara I have ever used, team it up with the subversion primer and you will never need falsies again. If you don’t believe me read all the blog reviews or failing that call into your nearest stockist and ask for a sample or a demonstration. You will never use another mascara again. If it’s good enough for Kim K on her wedding day it;s definitely good enough for you.

If you’re like me and suffer from baldy brows then the Urban Decay brow box is an essential part of your kit. It works so much better than just a brow pencil because you have powder and wax which gives a much more natural look to your brows while filling them in. No more scary brows for you!

Last but not least the liners. I am completely in love with their liners. I had tried and failed many times over with other liquid liners, my flicks were complete flops. Not with Urban Decays liquid liner, it is so simple to use and a doddle to perfect. Never fear if you blink at the wrong moment, let it dry and simply roll off the mistake with a cotton bud and it wont smear all over your makeup like other liners do. If you are still not brave enough to chance liquid then the 24/7 pencils are the way to go and you will not be disappointed, These pencils are like nothing you have ever used before. They glide onto the eye without pulling or dragging. The best bit is you can smudge them out for a smoky look or leave them as is for crisp lines. Once they are on they will not budge, no more night club (or worse, office) panda eyes.

3. Flawless Face. 


I have a confession to make. For years I have worn the wrong colour foundation. Partly it was my fault and it was partly the fault of the girls at cosmetic counters I had visited prior to urban decay. On more than one occasion I went home with a shade of foundation that didn’t even vaguely resemble my face. They ranged from yellows to hues of orange, tired of looking for a shade that matched my skin tone, instead I settled for whatever I could find in the palest shade I could get it in. Thankfully the girlies at Urban Decay sorted me right out and I have a foundation that matches my skin, you wouldn’t even know I was wearing foundation it matches so well, that is what foundation is meant to be like, who knew!!  I’ll let you in on another little secret, if you invest in the optical blurring brush, not only will your foundation go on flawlessly but you will also use a fraction of the product!

I do have one more confession, before this year I never, ever used bronzer or blusher. I didn’t know how and after the trauma of looking for foundation I was not asking any of those girls for tips on how to use blusher and bronzer. Again the Urban Girls came to the rescue with their fabulous Naked flushed palettes, They have three products in one a bronzer, a blusher and a highlighter and a bronzer. In one quick lesson the girls showed me how to give shape to my face with this one palette. You’d never imagine that just one product (well 3) could transform your face but they really do. From flat face to contoured glow in the stroke of a brush. It’s cheekbones in a box, I don’t know how I lived without it!!

4. Luscious Lips!


If you are looking for long lasting lip colour that won’t dry out your lips then you really need the revolution lipsticks teamed up with their matching liners. They really do last for hours without any need of a touch up! Granted they aren’t totally snog proof but they will survive eating, drinking and giving pecks on the cheek without any need to re-apply. All of this and your lips still feel soft and moisturized, unlike other long wear brands.

If lipstick isn’t much your thing but you would still like a pop of colour the super saturated pencils are definitely the way to go. These can  be worn as a single coat, blotted for a more stain-like effect or you can mix colours to create your own shade.

If gloss is much more your thing the Naked glosses are hard to beat. They have an addictively creamy texture and gorgeous, high-gloss finish. Like a luxury balm and a rich gloss in one, it’s laced with ingredients that are good for your skin-like vitamin E, avocado oil and shea butter to hydrate and condition your lips. Rosehip seed oil provides an extra hit of vitamins, including vitamin A and vitamin C. All that and kissable lips, you couldn’t ask much more of a gloss.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you then this might!

5. UD are Cruelty Free!!

That’s right no little animals were harmed or tested upon in the making of urban decay products. Even their brushes don’t use animal hair. While not all of their products are Vegan, quite a number of them are and they are constantly bringing out new vegan products and even ranges.Additionally, they require suppliers to certify that the raw materials used in the manufacture of their products are not tested on animals. You’d be surprised at the number of companies who don’t. Urban Decay is certified by both PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program (CCIC) as cruelty-free. So you can look gorgeous and no animals have to suffer, the fluffy bunnies thank you!

6. UD are Paraben Free!

For those of you that don’t know, Parabens are used to make a product last longer and keep the product from going off due to bacteria. Since it is a cheap filler it also makes the price of the product go down. Which sounds great to the budget conscious consumer, but Paraben molecules have been found in breast cancer tumors. To my knowledge, the tests that have been done so far do not  conclusively prove that Parabens cause cancer, but since so many tumors have been found to have paraben molecules inside them, scientists are furthering their investigations. Parabens can be found in many beauty products such as make up foundation, primer, concealer, lotion, body wash etc. Why risk it when you don’t need to!!

So tell me are you a convert or are you already a member of the converted? I’d love to hear from you.

Also if you do pop into Urban Decay in Limerick, Tell em Rebelle sent ya!




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