Day 4: My Top 5 Favourite Plus Models

Day 4 of the 12 Day Blogger Challenge Top 5 List

Today’s blogger challenge was a Top 5 favourites so I decided to go with my Top 5 Favourite Plus Models- Enjoy!

1. Tess Munster


Tess is an American plus size model and founder of the #effyourbeautystandards movement. Tess was the very first plus size woman I saw wearing the clothes that I wanted to wear. Pretty tea dresses, sleeveless tops, short skirts and no shame. Tess consistently promotes messages of self love and positivity and most importantly loving your body!  Looking at her modelling pics always inspires me, be it makeup looks, clothing choices or her kick ass confidence. She never fails to dazzle

2. Velvet D’amour


Velvet is a U.S. born model  best known via the worldwide media coverage she received after her appearance as a plus-size model in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s 2007 Spring/Summer collection shown in Paris in October 2006.  Velvet is also a super- talented photographer and creator of Vol Up 2 Magazine.  Vol Up 2 is a bilingual English/French online quarterly magazine showcasing diverse beauty, with an emphasis on curvy women, and exploring the generosity of Mind, Body and Spirit.  An inspirational publication, essential reading for everybody!!

3. Vicki Mooney 


Ms. Mooney  is Ireland’s Queen of Curves. Not only has she written a book for the curvy girl but she has also set up her very own plus size model agency. She has done more for Irish plus size girls than anybody else. Vicki is also responsible for having plus size girls on regular TV fashion segments.  I can’t even begin to express how much I admire Vicki, she is endlessly in the media championing the cause of positive body image in Ireland and standing up to the bullies who size-shame and criticize. Most recently Vicki and the V plus babes took part in a naked photo shoot with with Body shop Ireland. This is one babe who isn’t afraid to put her money where her mouth is and I love her for it xxx


 4. Shawna Farmer



Shawna combined her love of crafting, sewing, and fashion to start Chubby Cartwheels, an online plus size clothing and accessories store that supports beauty and fashion in all sizes.  Not only that but Ms. Farmer also models her own designs to show that she really does design for everyone! I adore her photographs, nothing makes me happier than unapologetic chicks who practice shameless self love.

5. Substantia Jones

While Substantia is not techincally a model, she has posed for photographs and she has done so much to make fat women more visible I’d forgive her anything. She is founder of the Adipositivity project. Adipose: Of or relating to fat. Positivity: Characterized by or displaying acceptance or affirmation. The Adipositivity Project aims to promote the acceptance of benign human size variation and encourage discussion of body politics, not by listing the merits of big people, or detailing examples of excellence (these things are easily seen all around us), but rather through a visual display of fat physicality. The sort that’s normally unseen.The hope is to broaden definitions of physical beauty. Literally.




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