Day 9 – Funky Eyebrow Tutorial

Day 9 of the 12 Day Blogger Challenge 

Teach us something, Give us a tutorial.

Temporary Coloured Eyebrows.

Funky coloured eyebrows are one of my favourite things to do, because I have purple hair I like being able to match my do and my brows . However this tutorial works on any colour that takes your fancy. There are two methods I use.

Forgive the brows and the quick and dirty nature of the pictures. 

Method 1:

I use this method if I need to lighten my dark brows before colouring them a lighter shade.


1. I start with a bare face, it makes cleaning up mistakes so much easier.

2. Take an NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk and cover all the brow. Be as messy as you like.20141118_103119-1

3. Clean up the excess with a cotton bud and shape the brow how you like.


4. Pat in the eyeshadow of your choice to your brows. My favourite is the electric palette by Urban Decay. A variety of bright pigmented colours to turn your brows whatever colour takes your fancy.


Please note I only gave a light covering of Urban to show you how it works, it wont look as white if you cover all of the NYX pencil properly. 

Method 2:

This method works if you are colouring dark brows a dark colour. I use this method for turning my brows blue or purple.


1. Shape your brow with Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliner pencil in shade Psychedelic Sister.

2. Fill in the rest of your brows with the shade Urban from the Urban Decay Electric palette

3. As this method is less messy than the first you can do it before or after the rest of your makeup.


Method 1 is on the left, as you can see it gives a brighter finish perfect for lighter colours like pinks.

As I said this was a quick version so I have decided to upload other pictures to prove I can do my eyebrows on occasion.


These purple  brows were filled in using method 2.


These blue brows were filled in using method 1 and electric palette shade Gonzo.

That is literally it, simples.

Now get cracking and snap some pics of those funky brows.




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