A Day in the Life of Rebelle – Day 10 of the blogger challenge

The alarm rang at six am this morning, Living on my own by Freddy Mercury. I have to change my alarm song frequently or I tend to ignore it/ groan at it. After sleeping brilliantly I bounced out of bed, put the distillers on my phone and headed for a shower. Music still blaring post shower I chose an outfit. I use the term chose very loosely, I picked clothes that looked like they might go together and threw them on before heading downstairs to put on my face. Today I kept it simple, winged liner with turquoise on the waterline. I fed my 11 babies ( my fishies- fred, ginger, jake, tomás, terry, daisy, shovel, tiny, batman jr, freckles and stripe, everything needs a name) and then went to feed the furbaby in the garden, Lilly the ADHD Labrador. Ok she hasn’t been diagnosed with ADHD but she is a tad mental. Of course breakfast comes with cuddles for Lilly and a little chat, yes I talk to the dog, don’t judge me. After all the children were fed I picked up my bags and drove the hour to work listening to David Bowies- The Next Day, of course Mr. Bowie required my vocal assistance all the way.

On getting into work I had coffee with my lovely work colleagues and we had a long natter about the world in general, I’ve given up listening to the news instead I wait to speak to these lovelies. Seeing as I was going to be working late I started the morning by penning (can you still call it penning if you type) an article for Fe-line detailing how the last year has changed my life- it’ll be very interesting you should keep an eye out for it.

Conversation in the office then turned a bit festive as we began planning a Christmas lunch, office kris kindle and how we could all help out at a community Christmas event.

The rest of the afternoon went by in a bit of a blur as I became immersed in work related paper work. Comic relief came in the form of the building administrator saying “Clitter” instead of “Clatter”  Clatter being Irish slang for a slap upside the head, we have yet to determine what “Clitter” means but that did not deter us from giving educated guesses all the same.  The innuendo continued in the office for a while after that and then died down until I asked a male co-worker if he wanted a hand with his load…. meaning the large number of items he was carrying. He was a bit embarrassed by the interaction and ended up spilling quite a lot of the milk he was carrying. Of course this set the office again who got great giggles out of the fact that the mere offer to help him with his load caused him to drop the white stuff. Yes this is what I have to work with and I would like to point out that this is my day job. That said I wouldnt have it any other way.

My afternoon was spent planning out a sex education session for teenagers and then rolling it out that evening. After the session the youth workers and I headed upstairs and had a meal with the young people and generally had a chat about what was going on for them. When this part of the session was over I packed up and drove home, once more being serenaded by Mr. Bowie.

Once I arrived in home the feeding of my own 11 babies began again my sister had fed the puppy and given her cuddles, so I decided to leave her be. I poured myself a glass of vino and had a bit of a natter with my sister about how her day had been. Then it was back to work again, turning on spotify, responding to my Rebelle-ution related emails and facebook posts and comments,  before beginning work on this post. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t distracted by Facebook pop ups on my personal page when I was meant to be concentrating on this post, but you’ll have that, otherwise I would never have a chance to talk to my beloved friends.  I currently have Mad Men Series 2 waiting to keep me company as I unwind for the evening.

To end this post on a fabulous note not only was I featured on the Boudoir Girls facebook page today but my own little page recieved it’s 200th like.

Thank you all so very much for supporting what I do, reading what I write and following my social media I appreciate it more than you know!

I’m sure you were expecting far more sex, scandal and intrigue from me alas my dears it is a Wednesday and even I need a break from carousing and being a social butterfly.

Until tomorrow my lovelies




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