Day 11- Three things I love right now!

Day 11 of the 12 Day Blogger Challenge. 

Three things I love right now!!

1. Spotify

Not incredibly imaginative I know but I am obsessed by Spotify! Whether I’m reading, writing, relaxing, cleaning or working I always have it on. It means having access to the biggest music collection all in one place. No matter what your mood or who you want to be your soundtrack you’ll find it on Spotify. My very favourite feature has to be the playlists. Playlists are quite literally lists of songs put together by Spotify themselves or by the users of Spotify. There are a whole host of different themes I’ve yet to search a list and not find something related, I mean it, they even have a PMS playlist!! If you haven’t discovered it yet, you are sorely missing out!

2. Yours Clothing

I love Yours Clothing, even more since I discovered that Tess Munster is going to be involved with their brand pretty soon *swoon*. I absolutely recommend a nosey on their site for all kinds of awesome plus size clothing, Here are two items that have caught my eye lately.

I am a sucker for a onesie, alas big girl onesies are not easily accessible without spending a fortune. This one is exceptionally reasonable, especially when compared with comparative plus size retailers. Plus its pink, fluffy, festive and has a hood. Seriously this item has cozy cuteness written all over it!


For those of you looking to heat things up in the bedroom or as a present to yourself. This babydoll is everything!! I’m having serious undies envy! It’s purple, lacy, a little bit see thru and super super feminine. I know a lot of you will look at this and think “I’d love it but arrrgh my belly will be showing” First off settle petal, your lovely belly will be covered by pretty lace, secondly anyone that would see you in this and think “eww belly” doesn’t deserve to see your fine figure.  If you’re thinking that of yourself I will personally swat you on the behind!! For every negative comment you must say five positive lovely things about yourself and that is an order miss!! Slip it on and feel like the sex kitten you should know you are.

3. Mad Men

Admittedly I am exceptionally late to the Mad Men party, but boy am I making up for it. I am obsessed!! If you haven’t seen it, here is why you should!

Jon Hamm.  Sure, he’s Don Draper, uber-bastard,  cheater, liar liar  pants on fire on the show, but he is soo handsome. This may make me shallow and/ or stupid but I don’t care…. seriously that face!!

Mad Men’s wardrobe is retro clothing porn!  Even Betty the housewife has gorgeous bathrobes and matching babydoll pajama ensembles.  I love the fashion on the show, even if it gives me wardrobe envy,   I want mod minis and sweater sets, pencil skirts and pretty dresses every day!  Get my nails painted red and my hair set and look pulled together instead of my usual grunge feminine.

  How they speak is divine! People were still polite in the 1960’s, and they are polite to each other on the show, even when they’re back-stabbing each other.  There’s little name-calling or lashing out.  The pursed lips and side-eyes on this show are much more interesting than hearing a litany of curse words or threats of violence any day.

Ok you can judge but I loved the  world that still operates under the illusion that strong drinks and cigarettes are glamorous.  Bar carts in offices and an ashtray by the bed are de rigueur on the show and never frowned upon by the characters. Granted, they had heart attacks in their 30’s.  Still, tell me you didn’t want to be them before they hit the dance floor.

Guys & Dolls I can’t believe it is day 11 already!! I almost feel the desire to break into song….

“And now, the end is near……..”

Don’t worry I’ll spare you the pain.





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