12 things I learned from the 12 day blogger challenge.



1. I could write every day if I really wanted to, the only thing stopping me is me.

2. Writing everyday is not nearly as difficult as I imagined. (That said I was only a little tired all week, today I am very tired)

3. Spotify is my best friend when I am writing.

4. Finding/ creating attractive images to go on my posts is the part that takes up the most of my time.

5. Having a schedule of topics to write makes life so much easier.

6. More activity on my blog invites more readers.

7. I can write lists if I am very tired but still want to comply with the challenge.

8. Writing lists is actually a lot harder than waffling on.

9. I enjoyed the challenge of writing something outside of my norm.

10. I become quite a bore to those who love me, “What are you doing tonight? Writing”

11. When I find it hard to concentrate, French music soothes and inspires me.

12. I have the very best readers in the whole wide world!!  You read, you follow, you like, you comment, you support and encourage. I love you all so very much for indulging me and giving me the encouragement to keep pursuing my passions.

Love & Hugs




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