And now the end (of 2014) is near…..

happy new year

Guys and Dolls,

What a year it has been! I started my little blog in August of 2014 with the idea that I would like to make an impact somehow. If I helped one single person think a little differently for one nano second about how they view their body, how they see themselves, how they view sex and sexuality or how they view feminism I would be over the moon. Selfishly I just wanted a forum that I could write, rant and rave on and be a lil creative from time to time. I had no idea that it would become this big!!!

I am beyond grateful, humbled and ecstatic beyond all measure that you join me on this journey. With your support, love, positivity and encouragement not only have I grown as a writer but also as a person. Frequently women meet me and tell me they wish they had my confidence or my bravery. I tell you this now, I take the risk and you are all there standing beside me in unison. That solidarity is priceless. Though I know I will never be able to repay the debt of kindness you have shown me over these last few months I will endeavor to keep going, keep trying my best and keep on kicking ass and challenging assumptions, as long as you are all willing to keep on standing beside me.

Yeah, I’m a lil bit emotional but y’know what it’s an emotional time. The end of an old year and the beginning of a brand one. Tomorrow is a blank page on the brand new book of your life. Only you can write your story, make it fuckin fabulous, not by some nonsense standards or by following the “shoulds”. Do you! Do it big, do it loud and do it friggin proudly. Other peoples opinions of you are none of your business, let em talk and think what they like. You’ll be too busy living your life to the very fullest and have no time for negativity and bitching.

What would a New Years post be without some resolutions? Well I’m not one for resolutions, there’s too much negativity and connotations of failure associated with the word.

Instead I will be proposing my very own list of Rebelle-utions- why? because I can.

You see a Rebelle-ution is a positive promise to yourself that will only have positive consequences for yourself. There is no giving up, no negativity and no cant’s. There is only the endless possibility of positivity.

1. I will love my beautiful body every single day.

2. I will give more compliments and accept them graciously.

3. I will be thankful for all the blessings in my life.

4. I will acknowledge my own hard work and praise myself for it.

5. I will do more of what I love.

6. I will say yes more.

7. I will become healthier in mind, body and spirit.

8. I will spend more time in the company of positive people.

9. I will do more things that scare me.

10. I will become more involved in the blogging community.

and finally

11. I will continue to write about sex, gender, sexuality, feminism, body love and all other subjects that require kicking ass and spreading messages of positivity because it makes me feel alive!!

So there you have it my loves. This is what I want for myself in this shiny new year.

Whatever you do & however you celebrate. I hope your new year is full of love, joy, hope, happiness, good health, wealth and lots of sex (if that is what you desire).

Let’s make it the best one yet.





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