Man Hating, Bra Burning: What is Feminism Really?

Feminism summed up in a blog post!!

Belle Jar

Feminists are man haters – irrational bra burning women who want to take over the world, right?

Most people who identify as feminist have probably been called or assumed to fit one of these stereotypes.

The concerning thing is, a lot of people who link negative connotations to the word “feminist” are actually completely aligned with the values behind feminism and yet see the term in itself as inaccessible.

Like most things in life, it comes down to personal experience, but I find it really hard to understand how a movement based solely on the fight for equality can be so heavily misunderstood.

For me, being a feminist has always felt empowering, positive and essential. Yet, I’ve encountered a lot of contempt towards the word. I’ve seen faces turn away in disgust when I mention it or a positive conversation about women’s rights turn into a huge debate about why…

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