5 Reasons the Sounds of Sodomy Campaign is Nonsense



Ladies, Gentlemen, Bois, Grrls and those sans gender hat, there is currently a campaign in Ireland funded by some good ol Christians, in opposition to the proposed vote on same sex marriage. Before I begin I want acknowledge that this poster does not represent the views of all Christian folk, they can’t be held responsible for the few small minded bigots who had access to a printer.

I digress, there were so many, many things that bothered me about this poster I felt the need to make a list.

1. The definition of sodomy.

Sodomy is  defined as anal or oral sex between people but may also include any non-procreative sexual activity. Now correct me if I’m wrong but at that rate there a helluva sodomites in this country and not all of em are gay. So pray tell why the rights of some should be restricted because of sexual activity that is partaken of by the majority? Besides there is more to same sex relationships than just sex. We like sex too, who doesn’t? Apart from Asexuals but that’s cool too! Sex is sex is sex, the majority of us have it, it’s a wonderful thing, why ruin it by restricting some of our rights because of it?

2. What exactly does sodomy sound like?

Granted it’s probably not the most important point to mention but I really have no idea. Is there a universal sound of sodomy that I am unaware of? Is it high pitch, low pitch, yodelling, warbling? Answers on a postcard please, I think the world should know.

3. Why exactly are children exposed to the sounds of sodomy?

Do Christians think the gays have no bedroom doors? Or maybe that the sound of our sinful love making is so overpowering that it can be heard for miles? Either way whether you are a same sex couple or a hetero couple if you have children the sex you have is usually the same. Not as often as you’d like because you are wrecked from running around after the little blighters or as quiet as humanly possible for fear you wake them.

4. What exactly is “The scarement of marriage”?

If you get married on Halloween? If you have a horror themed wedding? When you get the bill from the open bar at your nuptials? I realise it’s a typo but seriously if you are incapable of correct spelling then do you really think you should be allowed restrict the rights of others?

5. What they are really trying to say here…

The Christians are getting all excited about the prospect of same sex marriage because they fear that next the gays will be “allowed” to have children. In case you are unsure there are loads of same sex families in this country already and guess what they are no different than any other family. They have the same wonderful memories and same boring day to day nonsense to deal with as everybody else. Some of their children are gay some of them are not, the same as every other family. Can you see what I’m getting at here? Not to mention there are currently no laws prohibiting lesbian couples from getting IVF and single gay men and single female lesbians can adopt children in this country. A fact that same sex marriage will not impact. Is it ideal world stuff, no, but is it a start, hell yes!!

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against anyone’s beliefs. You can believe in God, Buddha, Allah, The Loch Ness Monster, Fairies at the end of your garden or a flying spaghetti monster. If you get something from your beliefs and have faith in it I am more than happy for you. How and ever when you expect me to believe in what you do or attempt to restrict my rights or the rights of others because of what you believe, that is when I get cranky! So pretty please if you see one of these posters kindly tear it down and throw it in the bin. I have given you five reasons why it a proper nonsense campaign, there are many more reasons.

Please don’t let the bigots win, love is for everyone, let’s share some more of it!!



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