This Year Love the Mirror!

So we are all well into the new year and you’re certainly well into your resolutions, if you made any. You’re eating healthier, not smoking, being more creative and spending less. Awesome work everybody, even if they didn’t stick, you gave it your best shot! All that considered- do you think you would have room for one more resolution? The good people over at The Body Love Conference, a team of body-positive advocates led by one of my favourite bloggers Jes Baker are certainly hoping you do. In 2015 they want you to Love the Mirror!

The BLC crew has put together an incredible new photo series featuring a number of people facing themselves in the mirror, with the intention of sending the very important message: “Love your body and what you see. . . just as you are now. Not later. Not ‘after’. Now.”

“The mirror is a huge contributor to internal body distortion- we’re never looking in the mirror for ourselves, only for bodies that are misrepresented in media,” Baker has explained. “I think this commitment to loving the mirror involves taking off those horrible goggles that our world gives us so we can start looking as OURSELVES. Look for you next time you peek at a mirror. Don’t look for a model. Don’t look for someone who looks like you. Look for you, because you’re your own kind of perfect already.”

To get that message across, Baker worked with photographer Jade Beall and asked 29 participants “. . . to come wearing whatever made them feel most confident. . . and the variety within these choices was beautiful,” Baker noted. “Some brought roller skates, some their violin. Some came in their dance clothing, some in their underwear. Some took off their shirts and some wore seven layers of clothing. And then one donned nothing but a gorgeous pink furry coat.”

Then, each participant was photographed in front of a mirror, and later asked why loving the mirror was so important. Their answers are pretty awesome:

936057_362774560568734_5905739387706482902_n 10389128_363679290478261_2457941506403956469_n 10888619_362771277235729_6425132001136848538_n 10891859_363679873811536_2403573992056237201_n 10906040_362773723902151_341374263713855258_n 10906382_362773110568879_3414738906234292146_n 10915281_362770597235797_4975290269734431062_n 10922447_362773913902132_8939635799512830902_n

While I haven’t had the opportunity to take one of these stunning photographs, I do have a body love photograph of my very own.


So regardless of where you are on your body love journey, whether you are just starting to tolerate the mirror or you snap selfies on the regular. Let’s all vow to make 2015 the year we Love the Mirror!


Photography by Boudoir Girls 

For More on Jes Baker and The Body Love Conference Check out her Blog


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