Rebelle’s Top 5 Unusual Sex Toys

Nothing says Happy Sunday quite like a collection of the most unusual sex toys I could find, enjoy.

Jack Hammer Jesus


Do you want to worship the lord in your own special way? Do you want to save yourself for your wedding night but don’t think you can hold out that long? Never fear phallic Jesus is here. He’s big, he’s blue and he’s insertable. Do I need to reccomend praising the lord feet first?

The Cone


Pink pointy hard plastic. This toy was touted as ideal for couples. Because nothing says sexy time quite like tearing your perenium.

The Orca

Are you a size queen but even the most substantial human phallus fails to satisfy you? Then let me introduce the orca, a sex toy modelled on a whales penis. You’ll never see Free Willy in the same way again.

The Gaga


Do you love your selfies but feel like you’re not sharing quite enough with your followers? Introducing The Gaga a sex toy with inbuilt camera. Your partner can look deep into your orifice as you play. You can record it to watch at a later date or perhaps sell the footage online. Coming Soon the book of Kim Kardashian cervix selfies.

Monster Dildos and Fleshlights


Are you a horror fan? Can’t get enough of your favourite ghouls? Well now you can get up close and personal with your favourite horror stars. Featuring Zombie, Alien, Vampire and Frankenstein parts for your pleasure. Halloween may only come once a year but you can come as often as you please with these devilish accessories.

How many of these are in my personal collection, I hear you ask? I’ll never tell.



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