In defence of Angela Lansbury….


Earlier this week Dame Angela Lansbury won an Olivier Award for her performance in the West End production of Blithe Spirit. When she accepted the award, the 89-year-old actress said that she felt like “a million bucks” and joked that she couldn’t remember a lot of things these days, but she could still remember her lines.

Now feel free to stop me at any stage if I am out of line but quite frankly if I feel like a million bucks at 89 years of age I will be thrilled with my existence. However to be following my bliss and doing the things I am still passionate about at 89 is just beyond comprehension. Quite frankly I am in awe of this kick ass lady and I imagine quite a lot of people would be, not a media critic of a well known rag (who I will not name cause I’m not giving them extra publicity) however. They stated:

“With her oyster eyes, half-swallowed lips and those pouchy cheeks, Dame Angela Lansbury hardly meets the stereotype of award-winning actress.”


What the actual fuck!!

So it’s not enough to be 89, performing on stage, feeling like a million bucks and winning awards as a woman you also have to look fuckable too, cause y’know that shit is important.

Has anybody ever seen Dick Van Dyke, Adam West, Michael Caine Sean Connery or Roger Moore (All actors over 80) criticised for their appearance? Probably not, why? Because bullshit sexism that’s why! I’m not saying for one single second that being critical of anyone’s appearance is an ok thing, not even close but there is an obvious double standard here. Let’s cut the nonsense, Angela Lansbury was not a contestant on Miss World or even The Rose of Tralee. She is a lady who was out there doing her thing and minding her own business. Turns out she was so awesome at doing her thing she won an award for it. Woo Hoo!! At any point did that warrant an attack on her personal appearance, ummmm Nope.


Secondly the reason Dame Lansbury hardly meets the stereotype of an award winning actress is because in society and in the media older women are generally invisible. Older men are distinguished and full of character, Older women… well who knows where they go, with the exception of a minority. So we can see this in one of two ways. One, she isn’t the stereotype because the stereotype is utter bullshit and speaks volumes of the diversity of the representation of women in the media. Or we can see Dame Lansbury as a kick ass bitch who feels like a million bucks and is smashing misogynistic stereotypes by simply being herself and being pretty damn good at it.


The eternal optimist I think Angela Lansbury is pretty damn cool and choose to see her as a stereotype breaker. Yeah it would be easier to crib and moan about the unfairness of the system but unless you have someone fighting the system from the inside then what hope do you have. I am also assuming that because of her Damely status she is being most refined and not responding to the critiques of one silly man, that or she could not give one single fuck because she feels like a million bucks. I’ll let you decide that one for yourself.


Either way Dame Lansbury I salute you, brave, unintentional feminist warrior!

P.S. If I make it to 89, win an award for being awesome and some dick decides to criticise my appearance I will not be so refined, just saying.



3 thoughts on “In defence of Angela Lansbury….

  1. I agree with most of the post, BUT she was ALWAYS a feminist, and not a “unintentional feminist warrior”
    She demanded that Jessica Fletcher doesn’t get a romantic relationship in Murder She Wrote to make her character an independent woman in her 50s (which was groundbreaking for a MAIN character at that time), she hung out with gays in the 1940’s, she pulled in former cinema stars in her series (especially women who had passed a certain age), the woman raked in awards and nominations like there is no tomorrow (no Emmy though *shakes fist*)
    We are talking about a career of more than 70 years here.
    She produced her own series, she is 89 and still looks beautiful and classy… same for Maggie Smith, Debbie Reynolds etc.

    So, in closing, if that cited author has a mother and/ or a grandmother, I hope they get a serious spanking and get send off to bed without dinner or tv (^^)


    • You are 100% right in what you are saying. When I wrote unintentional feminist warrior I meant it in the light of this one incident but that is totally discounting everything she has done. Thank you so much for this angle/ insight 🙂 xoxo


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