5 reasons I Love Tess Holliday!!

Anyone who has folllowed my blog or my social media pages knows that I LOVE Tess Holliday (formerly Munster). I could rave for days about how wonderful she is but instead I will give you 5 of the reasons why I love her so.

1. She’s a Feminist!

Yep that’s right Ms. Holliday is a card carrying feminist. Though she has supported and championed other women for the length of her career she not proudly identifies as a feminist. This is quite a brave step for anyone in the public eye because identifying as anything can cause huge amounts of questioning and criticism. However Tess couldn’t give one single solitary fuck. She is a proud woman and a proud feminist and has no time for negative bullshit.


2. She pays no mind to Bullies!

If you ever feel the need to weep for humanity just scroll through the comments on Tess’s Facebook or Instagram. I would actively advising  anyone against doing this very thing. Nobody in this world needs to see this kinda venom and hatred shown towards another human being. However instead of wallowing in tears at the hatred she received Tess instead fought back against the body fascists and established the #EffYourBeautyStandards  movement. This movement was a great big middle finger to internet trolls and negative people in the world who thought it was their place to enforce “acceptable” beauty standards on women.

However this was not always the case for Tess. When she was 17 she had to leave school because of bullies. She was relentlessly picked on because of her appearance and she couldn’t take it anymore. This bullying continued when she attempted to break into the world of modelling and she received constant negative feedback that she was too short and too fat to be a model.

Who’s laughing now??


3. She’s inspired me to be braver in my own clothing choices.

Before discovering Tess I was confined to a wardrobe of clothing that covered up as much of myself as possible. I had been picked on for years because of my weight and my height and as a result when I entered into my early 20’s I decided I wanted to stand out as little as possible. I covered my body in as much fabric as I could possibly manage and I wore baggy clothing just in case anybody would know I was fat. (because we all know fat is the very worst thing any human being could possibly be, right?) Then I stumbled on Tess Munsters Facebook page and it felt like she knocked down a brick wall and let sunshine into my world for the first time. Sure it sounds cheesy but I cannot underplay how much of an impact she had on my self perception. Here was a woman who was also 5ft 2, she was also fat but she was wearing gorgeous clothes and looking unapologetic, glamorous and most liberating of all Sexy!! I had never been sexy, I’d been there. I’d been presentable, I was camouflaged. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I could be sexy because fat girls just weren’t. Fat girls were caring, they were friends, they were funny, they were the butt of the joke but I had never seen one portrayed like a bombshell. Needless to say since that day I haven’t looked back- bye bye boring, hello gorgeous!!

  PicMonkey Collage

4. She wants the world to know ALL bodies are beautiful!

There is this perception out there that Tess is glorifying obesity or that she is trying to say fat chicks are hotter than everyone else. This is quite possibly because the challenge to the status quo can be scary for some people and they need to fight back or retaliate. However the #Effyourbeautystandards movement is about more than saying being plus size can be gorgeous too. It’s about saying you deserve to feel good about your body, whatever way your body is and whatever way you want to express that. Whether you’re super svelte, curvaceous, fat, hairy, bald, tattooed, trans, disabled, pick your adjective. You deserve to feel fucking amazing about your body! This doesn’t mean you might not want to change it but that if you do it will be coming from a place of love and health and not self loathing and punishment.

All Bodies Are Beautiful!!


5. She taught me that fat chicks can get hot guys too!

It might sound silly to some of you out there but there had been this notion built into my brain that if you were fat you weren’t going to get the partner you desired. Why? Because fat people just aren’t attractive. Instead you were to be thrilled that someone fancied you and you would be grateful that someone like you would find a someone who could possibly find you attractive. How about that for some bullshit!!

However in her usual style Ms. Tess came busting onto the scene with a damn fine man who absoloutely adores her. Let me present Mr. Nick Holliday. Tall, beardy, tattooed, artiste, adorable and damn fine.

Middle fingers to settling for whatever comes along!  #RelationshipGoals


Sneaky point number 6 

I debated including this bit but hell what have I got to lose? I have been so inspired by Tess and her brilliance that I decided to enter Vanity Vague Model Agency’s Model Search. This is a competition to find the new face of the agency who promote alternative Irish models. My entry is a little brave because I am the only fat chick in the bunch, I kid you not the only short fatty out of 100 + entries. If you would like to support me in this competition then pretty please “like” the  Vanity Vague Facebook page and give a “like” to my picture too. You can find my picture here – just so you don’t have to go searching. Finally they also have my pic on their Instagram Page just in case you’re feeling ultra generous.


Who knows, I might just be posing it up beside Ms. Holliday some day in the future.

And having a total fangirl moment.



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