26 Questions Challenge!

2015-07-01 21.08.37 I have been tagged by the lovely Tara Ryan to participate in the 26 Questions Challenge. Such a fun challenge I couldn’t pass it up.

Do you have a middle name ?

My middle names are Mary & Fallon. My mom knew I was gonna be something special and gave me loads of names.

What was your favourite subject in school ?

I loved english because I loved to write, art because I was creative and hone economics because I love to cook.

Zodiac Sign ?

I am a sagittarius- I won’t lie I have no idea if that is of any significance.

Do you participate in any sport ?

Extreme shopping? I kid you not I do not faff about when it comes to shopping, I am ruthless. No humming or hawing if I want it I get it, if I don’t it stays behind. No sauntering around shops for me, I see it as a speed challenge.

Favourite book ?

I could read Caitlin Moran’s “How to be a woman”, over and over and never grow tired.

Favourite Colour ?

Turquoise mixed with pink – it’s the colour of my latest wig and it makes me feel like a my little pony princess- I love it !

Favourite Animal ?

Real world I’d love a french bulldog in fantasy land I’d love a pet dragon.

Favourite Perfume ?

I don’t think they make it anymore but I loved Dior Midnight Poison but my second favouriteis Diors Hypnotic poison.

Have you been out of the country ?

I sure have I have been to France, Spain, New York, Lithuania and the Uk.

Do you speak any other language?

My french is quite good and I have the same level of Irish as the average 5 year old.

Do you have any siblings ?

I have 2 younger brothers, a younger sister and an older step-sister.

What’s your favourite store ?

Sephora *sigh*

Any book & stationary shop would come in second.

Did you like school ?

I liked some of my subjects but I was picked on quite badly in school so overall it would have to be a no.

Favourite Youtubers ?

I love Laci Green & Batalash Beauty but I’m most looking forward to the Weird & Wonderful  girls starting their Youtube channel.

Favourite Movie ?

The Nightmare before Christmas – a must watch on christmas eve.

PC or MAC ?


What phone do you have ?

Samsung Galaxy S4

How tall are you ?

5ft 2

What do you order at Starbucks ?

A Venti Hazelnut Mocha Frappuccino with no Cream.

What is one thing most people probably won’t know about you ?

I have 12 fish and they all have names.

One thing you want to do before you die ?

Live a ridiculously happy life.

What quote/phrase do you live by ?

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.


No time for basic bitches

What is your most listened to song ?

I don’t rightly know but I’m guessing it’s something by Tegan and Sara

What is the last thing you bought ?

My last purchase was an Inglot eyeliner and angle brush for my eyebrows.

What made you want to blog ?

I always wanted to write but I was told I wasn’t very good. Research helped me find some brilliant bloggers being brave and inspiring. I decided I could do with some of that in my life.  It’s hard to think my little blog isn’t even a year old yet.

Any advice for new bloggers/Youtuber ? 

Be brave, do you, pay no mind to negative begrudgers and most importantly never be discouraged by making comparisons. Blogging is therapeutic- just enjoy it.



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