You need a break, I need a break, We all need a break!!

Long Time No See My Lovelies!!

I’m not gonna lie when I switched on my little purple laptop to start writing this post I nearly died when I found out that I hadn’t written since the first of July! I’m not gonna lie I have felt every minute of it and right now I feel the butterflies as I write this post. I promise I haven’t completely forgotten you all and I have been pretty active on facebook and instagram for those who follow- If you don’t you’re missing out on gems like this!


I’d like to say there was a very clear and definite answer as to why I haven’t written but in reality there isn’t one. There have been a number of Factors. I have been super busy in my lovely day job for the best part of the summer and I have had some personal dramas of my own. Between online stalkings, nasty comments, bitchy behaviour and downright deviousness this lil blogging world can get a girl down at times. So I did what I thought was best for me.

I took a break!

I realise I’m quite fortunate that I have 4 weeks off during the summer and my life means I can switch off and relax during this time. This break has boosted my positive mental health and I feel completely refreshed and recharged. I’m sure you can think of a million reasons why you can’t take a break but I’m gonna give you 5 reasons why you totally should!

1. Prevent your brain from exploding. 

 Don’t get me wrong, I love people, but some people were put on this planet to test your patience. Do you ever feel completely irritated, fed up or down. This is possibly because your brain is constantly going and you don’t give yourself a moment to relax. My anxiety means for every worry an average person has I usually get 4 more on top of that and it is bloody exhausting. So take a break, your brain will thank you for it. (Not to mention the people you’ve been snapping at- sorry family I do love you even when I am a crank)

2. Get Some Actual Sleep!

I’m not talking setting the alarm counting the hours in bed sleep or the in from the pub hangover sleep. I mean real sleep! We all have our own body clock and the more we work and stress the less sleep we get. You would be surprised at how little sleep you get at night from tossing, turning and thinking. One way to sort this problem- take a break!! I kid you not I pretty much slept away the first weekend of my holidays. Naps on the couch, bed early and sleep ins every morning. What can I say I love my sleep. Now that I have gotten into a positive sleep cycle I am also more productive, in my own little “on holidays” kinda way.


3. Friends, remember those?

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a pretty shit friend. Between the blogging, the working and the general taking over the world- I’m pretty busy. I love my friends dealy and we keep in touch over social media but yknow what there is nothing like a lil face to face natter to build up your stock of feel goods. While you are taking a break spend some time with those you love, they miss you and want to see your face. Not to mention if you have a partner, a spouse or a family. Take some time out to recconect and check in. Go do fun things- it’ll help you relax, scouts honour!

4. Go Explore!

Go somewhere you’ve never been, do something you’ve never done. Not only will it give you time to reflect on the things you have done but it will fill you with joy and excitement. Nobody is saying you have to climb mountains, unless that’s your thing. Go to see a movie on your own, get a massage in a new spa, try out a new lipstick in a new city. Do whatever the heck makes you happy- just do something a little different.


5. Recharge your sparkle!!

Holidays/ breaks/ vacations they all stimulate creativity. You are surrounded by new people, new experiences and new places. Your brain reacts to the change in a new way as well. After  your break you will see your reality from a different angle and will  solve problems more efficiently both at home and at work. Turning into a quick thinker takes from one to two weeks – that’s how long an average break lasts. Plus this time out gives you time to re-explore your creative side. We all know you have one- now it’s time to use it. Now don’t just have sparks of genuis turn them into magic and make something happen!!

I can’t wait to show you all the brilliant, creative ideas I’ve had on my holidays and the inspiration for brand new blog posts.

Share your holiday inspirations.




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