Soap Pretty’s Witchcraft Tattoo Balm- My Tattoo Saviour!


As you might have seen from my pictures, I am a big fan of tattoos! However, I have yet to find something that works well with my post-tattooed skin. I have used Bepanthen in the past but I had to stop. Bepanthen is essentially a nappy rash cream. But I have noticed a few issues with using Bepanthen over the past year. It seems my skin just became immune to it and almost began to reject it. Instead of soaking in, lessening the irritation of fresh tattoos and aiding the healing process, it began to make my tattoos sweat, swell and itch.

So the past couple of times I have been tattooed I have instead let them dry heal – Let me tell you, dry healing isn’t fun. It’s more itchy, more painful and more sore. But Bepanthen just wasn’t an option any more and I was a little sceptical about trying new brands on my tattoos. For a period I also used coconut oil on my tattoos but I was concerned that it wasn’t as anti- bacterial as I would have liked. In case you couldn’t tell I am a picky SOB when it comes to my ink.

That was when I discovered Soap Pretty!

Their shop description reads as follows:

 “We lovingly hand make all our soaps using the traditional cold process method, we only use all natural vegan products including essential oils and rainwater Our 100% natural vegan soaps are good for you and for the planet! “

What’s not to love about that? So for my Warrior semi-colon tattoo and my Valfrè inspired glittery uterus tattoo I decided to give Soap Pretty’s Witchcraft tattoo balm a try. Hell if you’re gonna get a feminist tattoo it makes sense to support a small female run business at the same time right?

I ordered my tattoo balm on the Monday and when I arrived home on Wednesday  it was waiting in the post box for me. I was thrilled! My tattoo appointment was for Friday and I anticipated that the balm wouldn’t be with me until the following Monday. Not only this but the lovelies at soap pretty had also included a sample of their tattoo aftercare soap for me to try out too!



The Soap Pretty Tattoo After Care soap is very gentle on your freshly inked skin.  I used this in place of my usual product- Carex Extra Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand wash.  I am vigilant about my after care and wash my tattoos when they are fresh and whilst they are healing.

Once you get tattooed, how the tattoo heals mainly, even above the quality of the tattoo work you receive, depends on how well you look after it when it is healing. A good anti-bacterial wash is pretty essential in ensuring your tattoo not only keeps clean and avoids infection but also heals well. The Tattoo aftercare soap cleanses the skin which help’s to reduce the chances of rashes, infections or discomfort.  I found the soap really pleasant to use. It smelled amazing, not a strong perfumed scent but more the natural oils in the soap coming through.  I found it cooled down my newly tattooed skin (fresh tattoos can be very sore, very sensitive and the skin very hot to the touch), it wasn’t irritating to use and it soothed the sore areas. Will definitely be purchasing a full size version of this for my next tattoo session.


The star of the show, for me, was the Witchcraft Tattoo After Care Balm. I  have fallen in love with this magical pot of wonderful balm! After years of awful aftercare I have *Finally* found a product that works for my awkward skin! For starters, I really, really, really, like the packaging for this balm. It’s  a pretty pot with an old school tattoo and gothic feel. Might not be to everyone’s taste but I loved it. Quite frankly you won’t give a toss about what packaging the balm comes in when you try it out.  Secondly, the scent. This is going to sound strange but it smells wonderful, again not a perfumed smell but a natural product. The kinda smell that fills you with the confidence that it’s going to do your skin good!   The Tattoo Balm can be used on new tattoos to decrease healing time, soothe the area, reduce irritation and also help with general healing by preventing that annoying cracked, peeling, flaky tattoo skin anyone with tattoos will know and hate. You can also use this on older tattoos to enhance and renew colours! To apply this, because it is quite a thick balm, I’d scrap a bit out, warm it between my fingers until it became an oil then apply it to the newly tattooed area. It left my skin smelling lovely, super soft, soothed and just looking better. I really love this product and know I will repurchase this! Although for the amount you need to use it’s bound to last a long, long time yet!


Both products are a must have for first timers or tattoo veterans! I can honestly say I will never use anything else on my tattoos again, I have found my perfect aftercare team.  Just so you know I purchased both of these products off my own back to try out and haven’t been paid to review them- I literally love them so much I had to share my find with the world. If you do try them let me know how you find them.

11695933_672633876207514_2061629464135048449_n 11108751_672633946207507_851287029440920551_n

Product Details:

Tattoo After Care Soap

Gentle, healing soap- specially formulated for washing your new tattoos Mild, fragrance free soap to care for your new tattoo Handmade, vegan and all natural

Contains Shea Butter, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, lavender and tea tree essential oils  Beautifully packaged with a traditional wax seal

We lovingly hand make all our soaps using the traditional cold process method, we only use all natural vegan products including essential oils and rainwater Our 100% natural vegan soaps are good for you and for the planet!

We do not use palm oil in any of our soaps for environmental and ethical reasons


Witchcraft  Tattoo Balm

Our Witchcraft Tattoo balm is comprised of only the highest quality ingredients and is specially formulated to aid in keeping your tattoos healthy and nourished during the healing process.


-helps reduce swelling


-fast and effective healing


-combats itching


Contains- Hemp seed oil, calendula infused olive oil, shea butter, vitamin E, candelilla wax lavender and rosemary essential oils

Remember with tattoo balm, sharing isn’t caring! Avoid cross contamination by not sharing your aftercare products.

You can get your hands on Soap Pretty Tattoo Aftercare Products at Soul Addiction Tattoo in Ennis:


From the Soap Pretty Website:

Or Check them out on Facebook

Not to worry if Tattoos aren’t your thing they have *heaps* of natural vegan beauty products for you to check out!

Have you tried out any of their products? Please feel free to tell me all about them!



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