The Latest Trend in Body Shaming Bullshit!

Caution open railing sign

It’s time to get excited ladies there is a brand new trend about to help you feel shit about your body.

I give you the Thighbrow!

It could be a generation thing but I remember a time when a Thighbrow was when your pubic hair was visible outside of your swimwear or underwear. Has the bush become so obsolete that we are replacing it slang terminology? That’s another blog post for another day I reckon.

According to the website of a “Popular ladies magazine” *cringe*

“So long bikini bridge, gone is the thigh gap- Thighbrows are the new body positive trend”

Basically this is a thighbrow: Kylie-Jenner

Thighbrows are “a set of folds that frames the tops of thighs and separates leg from butt”

Certain magazines and websites are celebrating the thigh brow, claiming that it sends a positive body message because you don’t have to be super skinny to achieve one. Huffington Post even provides instructions on how to achieve the thigh brow, “luxury yacht optional”.

Let’s call this exactly what it is, just another meaningless trend for us to obsess about and feel shit about our bodies! The majority of these pictures are of celebrities in teeny tiny swimwear showing off their thicker “healthier” figure! Of course a superflat stomach is also required for your thighbrow.  While I am on a rant here- do you know what your thighs can tell you about your health?


Unless of course you sellotape your latest health check to them, or you tattoo it on,  though in fairness I can think of much nicer things to tattoo onto your thighs, but whatever you’re into.

And is promoting sexualised images of women on Instagram really a positive message to be sending? Is this how we are going to measure the worth of a woman? By compartmentalising her into “desirable” body attributes? Utter bollocks!!

This trend has spread like wildfire and has been linked to the many pro-anorexia accounts.

So before you get drawn into the hype let me tell you this:


Do you have a thigh gap? Awesome

Do you have a Thighbrow? Amazing

Do your thighs touch? Incredible

Is your belly flat? Great

Is it not so flat? Brilliant

Do you have an athletic figure? Wonderful

Do you jiggle when you move? Fantastic


You are so much more than your body parts! You are a sack of meat, covering bones, moving around the planet with the potential to impact people in a positive way. Isn’t that shit way more empowering than aspiring to have a thighbrow.

So let’s stop allowing the media to distract us from the very real shit in the world with meaningless nonsense that makes us feel bad about ourselves. Let’s spend a lot more time loving ourselves and even more time kicking ass!




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