Saraki cured my Insomnia !


Like many people with Anxiety, I rarely slept. I would spend endless nights wide awake worrying about all manner of issues. I won’t even go into the intricacies of them in this post because we would be here until Christmas. Needless to say when I didn’t sleep I would get up in the morning irritable and non functioning. I would require a tonne of coffee to get me motivated to function. The thing about coffee is it’s great for giving you a pep in your step but too much of it can wake up the anxiety gremlins again and make the situation worse. Needless to say it was a pretty shitty situation to be in.

Handmade with love

When I saw that fellow blogger Brenners Mc Goo was starting her own skincare line Saraki Skincare I was excited for her. Naturally I wanted to show my support so I met up with her to pick up one of her creams. I had no intention of buying the night balm. I had read the ingredients of all the products and the night balm contained lavender. I hated lavender, or so I thought. Brenner’s opened all of the beautiful little jars and let me sample all of the products to see which one I would like the best. I fell in love with the night balm. There is a distinct possibility I was swayed by the little blue owl wearing a night cap but the smell of the balm was unbelievable! Nothing like the synthetic lavender stink I was used to. This was a beautiful blended scent with a lovely balm texture that melted into a lightweight oil finish.


I was excited to try it out to see would it actually work. I even applied a little extra under my nose to make sure that I got the full benefit of the essential oils. I slept like the dead! No word of a lie I lay my head on my pillow, closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths in and I was gone. The girls at Saraki are very open about the ingredients that go into their creams and list them in great detail on the leaflets that go with their products. That said I’m convinced they must have slipped some chloroform into the night balm! I have used it nearly every night since and I rarely have trouble sleeping.

I would have settled for the good night sleep if the balm did nothing else I would still have considered it a win. Since using the balm I have no break outs, none!! I would usually get a few hormonal spots here and there, not a single one. The skin around my eyes is also much smoother. With all the eye make up I wear and scrub off I had noticed that I was getting a few wrinklies, probably because the skin was dehydrated from the chemicals used to remove my heavy eye makeup. None the less my night balm had stopped these right in their tracks. Woo hoo!!

Day Cream

I have recently started using the Saraki day cream after my morning shower and before I put on my makeup and it has made such a difference to how my makeup goes on. Just a tiny litte bit of this natural goodness smooths out my face and leaves it  a wonderfully soft base to apply my paint and powder. It’s perfect because I have quite an oily T-zone and other moisturisers tend to aggravate this and leave me looking like an oil slick by lunch time. Not this little beauty though. It is a brilliant little moisturiser, great price, all natural and cruelty free, plus you are supporting some local small business babes!

Saraki also have the most gorgeous range of mermaid themed body and foot scrubs called top to tail- how adorable!

One Use Body Scrub top to tail scrubs

Again these are all handmade, natural and cruelty free!! These are most certainly next on my must buy list!

Have you tried any of Saraki’s products? Let me know what you thought!

For More information about Saraki Check out their Facebook page Here.



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