It’s no big secret that I like to celebrate body diversity! I firmly believe that all bodies are beautiful.

When photographer Andy Bertaut approached me to be included in a diverse body project I jumped at the chance.


The message of AsBeautifulAs.Me is quite simple:

We are  bombarded by a single image of what beauty is supposed to be, and we’re told that if we don’t aspire to that, then we’re not beautiful or good. Bertaut believes the human body is a beautiful canvas  and factors such weight, colour, height, or dimensions should not diminish that. AsBeautifulAs.Me believes that anyone has the right to stand up and say “I am here, and I am beautiful.”


The photographic website champions the message that you shouldn’t  have to look at airbrushed magazine images and think “I wish I was as beautiful as that.”, because you are beautiful. You should look at those images and understand that you’re every bit as fabulous and sexy as they are. There is no single definition of beauty.


That’s where  AsBeautiifulAs.Me come in. Photographer Andy Bertaut created a place on the internet that celebrates the human body photographed in forms we don’t conventionally see in mainstream photography and they share one trait: they are beautiful.


The images make no apologies. They make no excuses. They show larger women being comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.The website contains separate sections for Couples photography, Artistic Nudes and Portrait photography.

Click here to view AsBeautifulAs.Me


Would you like to pose for this project? If so, AsBeautifulAs.Me would love to hear from you. If you’d like to know more, or even just get in touch, then click here to say hello.


***This is a Sponsored Blog Post***



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