When you’re channeling fairy princess realness- only a Society + Tutu will do!

Welcome to my very first Plus Size Style piece my lovelies!!

After much humming and hawing I have decided that I would like to share my wardrobe loves with all of you. I spent so many years hiding my body away and seeing clothing as functional rather than expressive. Thankfully those days are long behind me and I am slowly building up a wardrobe of items of clothing that I adore. Sure my style might not be to everyone’s taste but hell I can’t be the only Irish fat babe out there with a desire for quirky threads?  Anyways, onto the business at hand.


If I was to pick my favourite item of clothing it would have to be my society + tutu. If you have not seen these tutu’s before then my friend you are missing out!


These aren’t your cheap imitation, wannabe tutu’s these babies are the real deal. You know the tutu’s I’m talking about, those imposters, with max three layers of tulle and not an ounce of lining to be known. Not these babies!! The Society + tutu comes with 5 layers of tulle, it might not sound like a lot but trust me they have just the right amount of puff. Just enough so you can feel you fairy princess best and not so much that you feel like a toilet roll holder.


She shoulda gone to Society + for her tutu

This tutu isn’t just a whole lotta tulle it even sports a full length lining, so there’s no fear of you unintentionally exposing yourself. The tutu’s come in a range of colours and lengths too to suit your individual tutu requirements. Which was a godsend for me because I’m only 5ft 2 and I was terrified I was going to end up tripping up on the end of my tutu but no the shortest length comes  to my knee. Perfect tutu length- for me anyways.


I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.

These beauties come in sizes 14-36!

You read correctly my lovelies 14-36! Where the heck else would you see it? Funky clothes for plus size babes in a whole heap of sizes.

When it comes to clothing sizes my body is a bit all over the shop. It depends on the item of clothing, where I’m buying from and the material etc as to what size I order and when I’m shopping online it’s always a bit of a gamble so I err on the side of ordering bigger just to be sure. So on my bottom half I range from a size 24-28 (I know pure pain to decipher) but my leggings from yours, new look and evans are all size 24 if that helps you out any bit.



So when I was ordering my tutu I decided to order the size 5x just to be sure. The beauty of these babies is that they have an elasticated waist, so even though my tutu is roomy, it still fits without falling down. Let’s be fair it’s not going to be easy to channel fairy princess realness when your tutu is around your ankles.

Now I’m sure there are those amongst you who are looking at this post thinking, “Sure Rebelle, a tutu is cute and everything but when can I actually wear it?”

Being a guest Makeup Artist at a Vintage Shwopping Event. 


Yep I wore my tutu as I helped ladies get glam and gorge at a local shwopping event.

With Cobweb Leggings at Halloween:


Because creepy, cute is one of my favourite looks.

Meeting one of my Makeup Idols.


Yes my lovelies I had a one on one makeup class with the insanely talented Danielle Roberts of Urban Decay. If you haven’t heard of her, get on youtube and instagram immediately!

Campaigning for Women’s Rights


If you think you can’t be a kick ass feminist babe and take a serious political stance whilst rocking a lavender tutu then I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. Sometimes glitter fairy realness comes with a side order of political protest and those two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 10404072_10205062486626831_6317193713568061382_n

If you thought one tutu was enough, you’d be very wrong. This baby is next on my wish-list. Don’t get me wrong I love my lavender tutu, but for the days I want to channel my inner bad ass tattooed, princess a black tutu is a must. What better outfit could you think of for challenging the patriarchy and smashing nonsense beauty standards.


Images from:


Munster Images



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