Your “Faking it” can be more damaging than you realise!


The original content of this post has been amended.  Quite a few people got in touch to give their opinion on the article and share their experiences and I have to hold my hands, up, give my heartfelt apologies and agree with them, in my original post I was a bit of a judgmental dick. I am only human and I will make mistakes but when you know better you do better and the following is the amended version of my original post. 

Generally I pay no mind to the majority of Beauty Bloggers, they do their thing and I do mine. However this week a Blogger who shall remain nameless, (a- because I couldn’t be dealing with the swarms of “fans” being sent to tell me off and b- I’m not gonna reward her with more views) appears on social media channels with a  newly pierced nose.   What’s the matter with this you ask? In ordinary circumstances not a thing. But this one is a fake!  What’s wrong with a fake? Not a thing.  Maybe it’s a case that you are trying something on or trying out a look before you take the permanent plunge, maybe you play sports and can’t have the nose ring you desire, you want to get used to seeing a tattoo on your arm before you have it for life, that’s cool you do you.

But if you are wearing the fake stuff and then throwing shade at the people who have tattoos and piercings that’s when I have a very real problem with it.

Put plainly, when you wear a fake tattoo or piercing you take all the positive stuff that comes with being a part of Alternative culture, it depends on how you view it. You may be seen as cool, edgy, fashionable, artistic and/ or sexy (plus a whole other plethora of wonderful things that alt people are and can be. The thing is though, you get to take all of the good stuff that comes with the image of being Alternative, then wash off your fake tattoo or take out your fake piercing and go back to your lovely mainstream life and not be discriminated against for how you choose to decorate your body.

Discrimination and Ignorance:

People with body modifications, tattoos and piercings can experience discrimination, judgement, limited employment opportunities and can even face physical violence because of how they look. If you think I’m being a tad dramatic, please learn more about the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. On August 24th 2007, Sophie Lancaster died following a horrific attack on her and her partner Rob in Stubbeylee Park, Bacup, Lancashire. The reason this young woman lost her life? Because she looked a unique way, expressing her individuality as creative artistic person. No other reason than because of how she looked.


It’s typical of mainstream society to discriminate against those who choose to express themselves differently. There are countless studies that show employers are less likely to hire a candidate because they have visible ink. It doesn’t matter that they may be the more qualified person to do the job, it doesn’t matter that they might be the better person for the job, a picture, writing or steel in their skin will immediately put them at a disadvantage to their mainstream counterparts. Why? Because of mainstream society’s bullshit notions of “acceptable” standards of beauty.


Not to mention the insane notions some people seem to hold about the Alt community.  The comment sections of any tattoo related article are full of bigoted, ill informed ramblings by those who have no idea what they are talking about. At this moment in time I am struggling to find an example whereby a person with no experience or knowledge of a subject matter would be called upon to be an expert in any field and yet when it comes to tattoo’s the majority of the gobshites out there have an opinion. If you’re a woman you’re easy, stupid, damaged, full of self loathing, uneducated, on the dole and just plain unattractive. If you’re male you’re also uneducated and on the dole but you’re more likely to be a violent psychopath or scumbag, cause yknow, stereotypes. If you are an individual who identifies as anything other than cis male or cis female, I’m afraid you don’t exist to these people. In fairness you’re probably better off, if the can’t handle art can you imagine their reaction to you?? Best not thought about, really.

The Ceremony and the Process:

For anyone who get’s tattooed or pierced there is a bit of a process that happens. It’s not the same for everyone (and this is not scientific, it’s purely anecdotal)  but it goes a little something like this. Plan your mod, imagine where it’ll go, contact studio, make appointment, become emotionally invested in this new modification, endure the process of altering your body – be it the 2/ 3 minutes sharp stab of a piercing or anything from minutes to hours of tattooing (also depending on where you are being inked, dead limbs, trembles, sweats, cramps oh and the small matter of  the pain.), the aftercare- which is quite lengthy and time consuming but oh so necessary for your brand new body wound. Anyone with body modifications or tattoos will tell you it’s a labour of love. You endure the pain and participate in the process because it is part of the ceremony of altering your body. Sadly the price you pay is the judgement and negativity of narrow minded mainstream folks, the thing is though generally it is a price you are willing to pay, even though it is grossly unfair.


Bottom line: If you receive all of the benefits and positives for wearing your temporary mod and look down on someone who has permanent modifications then maybe you should think twice about what you are doing.

Please Visit: to find out more about the brilliant work of this foundation and pretty please donate if you can xoxo




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