Lilly the Labby Helps my Anxiety

1. Unlimited Hugs 24/ 7 

When  my anxiety takes hold and I get stressed out, I can throw my arms around Lilly and give her a squeeze. No matter the time of day or night, she is always right there ready for a squeeze. The simple act of wrapping my arms around her helps me with reaching out and knowing that there is no agenda and no negativity from her helps me to calm down. Knowing Lilly is always has my back definitely helps relieve my anxiety. It might sound insane but she has even adapted her behaviour to my mood or temperment. If I’m stressed or tense she will press her head against my forehead and I can breathe and chill for a minute. When I’m relaxed and happy then she reverts to her usual cheery, wiggly self.

2. She is an excellent listener

One of the less fun elements of Anxiety is that on occasion you can feel like you are going mental. You have so many thoughts racing around in your brain and trying to find the “right” answers or solutions it can become quite overwhelming. Hell even trying to pick one idea to focus and fret on can be an ordeal. One thing that helps me is to discuss the problems out loud and to clearly identify feelings from reality (depending on the situation). Sometimes you just need a good old rant to get everything off your chest. No matter what it is Lilly will sit and listen. Yes, I sound like a crazy person but venting is very helpful. On occasion I find myself most greatful however that she cannot respond.

3. Grooming her is extremely theraputic.

Anxiety has many symptoms and one of the dangers is that you can suffer from panic attacks and frequent stress. A mindless task that doesn’t require much mental taxation is brilliant for helping to reduce stress and tension. Grooming Lilly is one of my favourite things to do when I am stressed. It is mindless repitition of a task and though I can’t explain why it helps me to control my breathing and calm down. Also Lilly is thrilled to bits with herself in the process.

4. She is always happy to see me

I’ll be honest there are days when I’m not happy to see myself. Infrequently there are days when others aren’t exactly thrilled to see me either. Anxiety can be fun like that it makes you worry about things that you might never have worried about and think the very worst for yourself and those around you. Dogs on the other hand couldn’t care less what kind of a day you are having. They are just delighted that you are back and they want to say hi. It doesn’t matter the day or the hour you can be assured Lilly will come bounding toward you wiggling her bum and wagging her tail delighted to see you.

5- She is the funniest bitch I know.

People who don’t have pets will probably think I am insane but I promise you fur-babies have personalities. And Lilly is the Tina Fey of the pet world, she is completely hilarious! Whether it’s her facial expressions, her little grunty noises or the funny little quirks she has. She never fails to make me laugh and smile even when I feel like I might never smile again. For some people a dog is just  a dog but for me Lilly is my furry lifeline back to normality when I feel like Anxiety has stolen my joy and taken the best of me with it. I would be utterly lost without her.


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