Creating Your Own Space

Recently in Rebelle-ution towers there has been a distinct improvement in the relationship between my sister and I. We are siblings so naturally we are going to have the occasional spat but in the last few weeks the likelihood of this occurring has reduced dramatically. Why? Because I have created my own space and we are no longer spending our free time in each others faces.

Everyone needs a private space to just sit and think, read a book, or write. A place, just to be alone, with their own thoughts, to take some time out, read, watch tv or have a little privacy.

1- Think about what kinds of things you want to do with your personal space.


Do you want it for reading? Thinking and meditation? A home office? Or do you want space in which to do something, such as a craft? Identifying what you want the space for will help you to make important decisions about your space. e.g if you want a space for writing you may need a desk and a power outlet.

2-Think about personal spaces you may already have.


Very few of us have the means to create a purpose built space, a positive alternative is to think about the spaces you already have in a new light.  Do you have your own room, or a side of one?  Is there a junk room or nook somewhere that you could adopt? It will help if you can close a door, but even a favorite chair or desk can become a personal space if others around you know not to bother you when you’re there.

3-Add some enclosure.


If your space doesn’t come with a door, or boundary walls could you hang a curtain or stand a folding screen in front of it? Could you divide off part of the room with furnishings you already have, such as a bookcase or dresser? Could you use a nook or corner that is already built in? Get creative in re-imagining the spaces you already have access to.

4-Add someplace to sit.


Comfort is key when designing your own space. It’s no use having a fabulous space if you are reluctant to use it because it’s uncomfortable or a chore to use. You could use your bed, a small table and comfortable chair, a bean bag, or even pillows stacked in a corner or window.

5-Add lighting, if you need it.


You may want to brighten up the space if you are reading or doing crafts. On the other hand, for thinking and meditation, you may prefer softer light. Again this all comes back to what you would like your space for. If you intend on having a multi use space then have a number of lighting options.

6-Remind others not to bother you when you are in your personal space.


Use a sign if you need to, or simply tell them that you prefer to be left alone when you are in that place.This could be particularly difficult if you have tiny humans in the house but perhaps communicating with the other adults in the living space that you need some time alone would help keep the little darlings away for a while.

7-A personal space need not be costly.

Chances are, you can create one simply by rearranging furnishings you already have. Move personal belongings into the space and make it your own. Scan Pinterest for make and do projects that can assist with changing up the space in a way that you like without breaking the bank.

While time alone is wonderful try not to spend all of your time alone. Though a few hours by yourself when needed is helpful, too much time alone can lead to feelings of isolation and depression.

Have you your own space? I’d love to see them if you do



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