I Have Gotten Too Comfortable Outside My Comfort Zone

It sounds like a strange statement to make, I know. How can you be comfortable outside your comfort zone? I’ve harped on, quite frequently about being introverted, shy and afraid to be seen- yes, it’s been a while since that. Funny though, there is still a part of my brain that is wired to believe that I am still that shy person, who is not worth very much. This part exists quite happily beside the part of me that wears pink tutu’s and glitter eyeliner to work without giving a single toss about what the planet thinks.

This has created for all the world a third dimension type situation where I have become comfortable, outside my comfort zone. That or perhaps I have redefined my comfort zone. I’m not going to get all philosophical about it but the bottom line is I would like to shake shit up and make a change for myself.

We all have goals, talents and dreams to realise but it can be so easy to get stuck in the same old pattern or routine. Before we know it another week, month, or even year has gone by and we haven’t done the thing we wanted to be or even taken a step towards the life we could lead. It can be hard and hella scary to step outside of the box in order to grow and become the best person we can be. Brilliance never came from comfort zones though, so kicking our way out of our cozy little nest is exactly what we need to do. Sure there will be naysayers, tutters and unsupportive bastards, but let’s be fair those people aren’t going anywhere. Moreover do those peoples opinions and ideas mean more to you than your own happiness?

People often ask me why they feel stuck or why things aren’t going the way they want in their life and how did I go from boring introvert to the Queen of No Fucks Given. The first thing I ask is what have you changed or done differently to move in the direction you want to go? Cause if we don’t take a step forward we become stuck.

 If  we don’t purposely change our thinking and our habits, nothing will change. The people who have the jobs we desire and the lives we desire are people willing to do what no one else will do. For example, I love to write and desire to be a great writer. However, I know that if I do not continue to write and continue to publish articles, this dream of mine will never come true. Dreams take discipline, time, and courage to step out of our comfort zone.

This is true for many areas in our life. If you desire to find love but you are always sitting at home and whining about being single, you’re most likely not going to find love.  Unless your dream person happens to knock at the door. Though in fairness if a gorgeous tattooed individual managed to turn up at my door in rural county Limerick I’d want to know how they managed it. If you are always negative but desire to meet positive people, you’ll most likely stay negative and alone. When you want change in your life you have to realise what has to be changed on your part.

There are a number of things that I would like to do but for now the goal that I want to work on is improving my fitness. Yes, yes I know, blah blah bore. But this is for entirely positive reasons and more important body positive reasons. I would love to take part in charity walks/ runs and to give roller derby a try. Sad part is I can’t do these things because I’m just not fit enough and I want to change that.

So I have taken the first step and accepted Andrew Beatty’s 21 day boot camp challenge. After quite a bit of research I decided this was the fitness studio for me because Andrew has a positive upbeat attitude when it comes to health and fitness. This isn’t a sponsored post this is something I have decided to do for myself and regardless I will be reporting my progress and outcomes as honestly as possible.

Great things may happen or I could fall on my face and fail miserably. But if I don’t take a chance then I’ll never make a change or learn the answer to what if…