I’m Gonna Strip!!


I’m hoping that the heading to this post will create the desired effect- that you will be curious to see what I’m at and click to find out more. That or I’ve disgraced my mother/ family and sent heaps of people recoiling in horror at the thought of me and my jiggly bits getting naked in public.

Either way, you’re here, so thank you for your bravery/nosiness/ positiveness.


What am I doing? 

 On the 10th of June a team of bould and brave ladies are going to be stripping and swimming for Aoibheanns Pink Tie– The National Children’s Cancer Charity. This is an incredible charity, not only for the work that they do for sick children but also because in excess of 90% of their funds go directly to families- so you know exactly where your money is going to… more about that in a moment.

What’s involved?

Every year the team behind Kicking the Shite out of Cancer organise a Strip & Dip. It does exactly what it says on the tin- You get naked on a beach and go for a swim. For some of you, I’m sure you’re thinking- shur whats the big deal.

A) The getting fully naked in public bit is a tad scary B) There’s going to be photos- all of which I will be identifiable in because of my extensive tattoo collection. Scariest of all is C) Its happening in Ireland so you KNOW its going to be Baltic.


Why am I doing it? 

The main reason for doing it is obviously to help a very deserving charity. It’s nice to give something back and raising money by doing something means the charity will ultimately get more funds than I could possibly donate myself.

There’s also a very selfish reason for me taking part in this event. Those of you familiar with me/ my blog will know about my assault. Since this happened I have put a lot of hard work and effort into regaining/ retaining my bodily autonomy. The desire to reclaim my body as my own has been something that has motivated and pushed my boundaries for the last number of years and the last number of moths has become even more important for me. Not only that but I’m repping it for the fat girls, the imperfect chicks, the babes out there who think that their bodies are far too flawed/ big/ wobbly to possibly be seen. To that I say Fuck That Noise!!

I will strip, I will swim and I will love every second of it- consider it the death of the last of my fucks given for bullshit beauty standards. I will stand in solidarity with all of the other women on that beach, shed my clothing and do something incredible to help someone else.

I grant you it’s not running a marathon or risking my life or even doing something that remarkable but yknow what- it’s something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing a year or two ago and that’s good enough for me. My lovely friend Michelle is being dragged along too!  (I say dragged but this is factually inaccurate, she’s going to up the craic factor 🙂 )

So if you would like to support us please visit:


I know people say every penny counts – in this case it really does and is incredibly appreciated.

Where does the money go?

Huge thanks to Team Aoibheann who have compiled a list of items:

Without people like you who raise so much we couldn’t buy

Chemo Duck: which is an educational tool for the kids. He comes with a broviac line, bandana and his beak is in the shape of a mask. Cost for one is a about €30 depending on sterling rate.

Dry Suit: these suits are specifically made for the kiddies. They can’t shower or go swimming without these. These work out about €300 again sterling rate determines.

Emergency Packs: these are given to parents to keep in the boot in case they have an unexpected stay. They contain towel toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, deodorant, comb, sanitary wear and the all important tea and coffee. There are all ways spare ones along with PJ’s for the kiddies and the parents left on the ward. These work out about €50 each.

Rainbow Days: Sadly children die from cancer and we try to help the family make memories once they get the horrible news. We usually book the family into a hotel and organise activities for them. A photographer, limo lots of toys or jewellery depending on age of the child and trips are organised. Anything the child wants if we can get it we will. There is no budget on this as you will all understand.

Financial Support: Sometimes one or both parents have to take time of work and we all know how stressful that can be because with that comes worry about bills. Once we receive a call along with a form from the family social worker we will give funds. These funds could be for rent, mortgage, motor expenses to name a few.

Birthday presents: The children will get a present for their birthday each year up to the age of 16.
Flowers for bereaved parents: on the birthday and anniversary of a child who has died we send flowers, and if a parent requests presents for the siblings they receive these also.

Summer and Christmas party: We host these parties each year for the families to give them a chance to unwind and enjoy. It’s fun filled and wrapped in lots and lots of love.
Picnominates: the children nominate each other for a mural. The only limitation is the child’s imagination when it comes to these.
Miscellaneous things like goodie bags, DVD players and portable DVD players along with stickers ping tube colourful face plasters are also provided.
These are just some of the things the money you raise will go towards.

Once again thanks a million for all you do for the children and families of St. John’s Ward. Linda


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