Are You Be Involved With A Sociopath?

Could you be involved with a Sociopath? I was and here are the subtle indicators I missed Continue reading


Surviving My Sexual Assault 

**Major Trigger Warnings**
This is the article I never thought I’d write. Somehow I thought if I followed the “rules” it would never happen to me, I would never be sexually assaulted. Continue reading

I’m a proud selfish b*tch

Hello My Lovelies, It has been an age! I am finally on my holliers so I can dedicate more time to the update and maintenance of my blog but also my shiny new  Youtube Channel . My Channel is a … Continue reading

Dealing With Mean Girls as an Adult

There is something we are told when we are younger, that we  hang on to with hope as we pack ourselves off to the real world. It is that bullies – specifically “mean girls” — are part of those years … Continue reading