My Simply Be Plus Size Swimwear Wishlist!

I adore social media during the summer! All the pictures of friends, family and the odd celebrity doing their thing on the beach. This year I am particularly envious because there will be no beach holiday for lil ol me. … Continue reading

When you’re channeling fairy princess realness- only a Society + Tutu will do!

Welcome to my very first Plus Size Style piece my lovelies!! After much humming and hawing I have decided that I would like to share my wardrobe loves with all of you. I spent so many years hiding my body … Continue reading

Soap Pretty’s Witchcraft Tattoo Balm- My Tattoo Saviour!

As you might have seen from my pictures, I am a big fan of tattoos! However, I have yet to find something that works well with my post-tattooed skin. I have used Bepanthen in the past but I had to … Continue reading