I’m Gonna Strip!!

I’m hoping that the heading to this post will create the desired effect- that you will be curious to see what I’m at and click to find out more. That or I’ve disgraced my mother/ family and sent heaps of people recoiling in horror at the thought of me and my jiggly bits getting naked in public. Continue reading


Are You Be Involved With A Sociopath?

Could you be involved with a Sociopath? I was and here are the subtle indicators I missed Continue reading

I’m a proud selfish b*tch

Hello My Lovelies, It has been an age! I am finally on my holliers so I can dedicate more time to the update and maintenance of my blog but also my shiny new ¬†Youtube Channel . My Channel is a … Continue reading

LEMONADE has Dropped and White People need to take a seat.

How do I know this? Because some brilliant black women told me so! It’s been nearly two and a half years since Queen Bey dropped her self titled masterpiece. Waiting for the release of her sixth studio album has felt … Continue reading

Rebelle’s Guide To Being a #GirlBoss

Whether you’re starting out, contemplating a career change, already established or planning on branching out in your career, I cannot recommend Sophie Amoroso’s book #GirlBoss enough! I found this book at a point in my life when I was severely … Continue reading

5 reasons I Love Tess Holliday!!

Anyone who has folllowed my blog or my social media pages knows that I LOVE Tess Holliday (formerly Munster). I could rave for days about how wonderful she is but instead I will give you 5 of the reasons why … Continue reading

Baby Maybe’s

This topic is one I have struggled and debated over covering for so long. I could discuss my mental health all day long, write a how to article on anal fisting without batting an eyelid, hell I got my fat … Continue reading