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I am a Feminist!!


By now it should come as no surprise that I am a Feminist. This is a statement that still causes confusion and controversy. The following is a list of reasons why I am a feminist.

I want to be heard. 

Were it not for feminism there is a likelyhood that I would be in a kitchen some place scrubbing pots, pans and floors with a litter of little uns at my feet and very little time to share my unique insights with you lovelies. Once upon a time ladies were for admiring not for listening to. I for one am glad for feminism so that I can write.

I believe my uterus is my business. 

Alas I live in Ireland and my uterus and it’s occpancy status is the business of the government. However because I am a feminist and I think your uterus is your business not anyone elses. For the women of the world who can claim this as a fact I salute you, you lucky bitches.


I think Slut Shaming is anti woman nonsense. 

Slut shaming is a load of old bollocks!! Everybody should be free to wear whatever the hell they want without a bunch of finger waggers casting aspersions on someones character . Quite frankly you should be allowed sleep with whoever the hell you want and not get judged for it. Just be safe n consensual y’know.

Different wages for different genders is nonsense. 

Having ovaries does not make you incapable, owning breasts does not make us less able to do a job, we didn’t have babies by ourselves there was another individual involved. Why the frick do we get less wages because of our biology. Nonsense!!


A woman is a woman is a woman.

If you were born it, became it, dress as it, call yourself it, want to be it, then you are it- if you so choose. The idea that a trans woman is less of a woman than any other  woman is a nonsense. Quite frankly we need as many sisters as we can get, welcome aboard kitten. I salute you and your bravery.

I want to be able to walk late at night. 

Nobody bats an eyelid at the thought of a man walking late at night. Mention that a woman might like to go for a midnight stroll and she is “asking to be raped”. There’s no such sanctions placed on rapists however women everywhere are forced to alter their behaviour on threat of an attack. Here’s an idea why don’t we preach a message that stands against rape and female violence instead of teaching little girls to be afraid and alter their behaviour.

Riots not Diets.

More focus is put on the size of Kim Kardashians arse than is given to the revolutionary women of the world. Screw calorie counting let’s start counting injustices and doing something about them!!


I have short purple hair and I couldn’t give a flying fiddlers. 

A beauty standard is set of what women “should” wear, look like, behave like and it’s a load of old nonsense. Because of feminism I believe my choices are my  choices I look, think, act and dress however the hell I like. If you don’t like it that is quite alright kindly look the other way.

I love men. 

I know tonnes of men, hell I’m even related to a few. Feminism means that men aren’t restricted to traditional notions of masculinity. They can be whatever kind of man they choose to be. If they choose to be a feminist man all the better!!


Because the word Feminist still scares people.

There are still so many people who do not identify as a feminist. We’ve had some bad press. There are a few feminists that tout the “all men are rapists” line, I’m not one of those. I do think that you should be able to be whatever you want, be educated , be married without having to take a surname, have children and generally live a kick ass life in whatever way you choose or don’t choose. Moreover you should not be treated unfairly because of your gender. If you believe your money is your own and you have the right to keep it, congratulations you are a feminist. I promise it’s not that scary.



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