I’m Gonna Strip!!

I’m hoping that the heading to this post will create the desired effect- that you will be curious to see what I’m at and click to find out more. That or I’ve disgraced my mother/ family and sent heaps of people recoiling in horror at the thought of me and my jiggly bits getting naked in public. Continue reading


My Simply Be Plus Size Swimwear Wishlist!

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Day 11- Three things I love right now!

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Rebelle’s Love Your Body Guide

Love your body guide

Since I wrote my first post about body confidence I have had a number of people, mainly women it has to be said, contact me. They usually ask how I manage to stay so confident and wishing they could have my confidence. Let me tell you this kittens I am not Superwoman. I was not always this confident there was a time where I would be barely able to make eye contact without blushing and  I spent a great deal of time trying to hide away.  I’ve kicked that dirty habit and now I am here to share what I do to make myself feel fabulous and love the skin I’m in.

positive messages


Surround Yourself with Positive Messages.

Alright it might sound like complete mumbo-jumbo to some of you but surrounding yourself with positive messages really worked for me. Remove the negative nonsense, the punishing diet books, the bitchy gossip magazines, the “Thinspiration” picture on your fridge. Anything that sends a message to you that makes you feel shit about yourself- bin it. You have no time for that rubbish, you are going to be too busy being fabulous. So get creative and create items with positive slogans on them. Look up inspirational and motivational quotes that make you feel wonderful. If you are not as quite as creative as you would like to be why not look up some cool local businesses. I love Stitchie Wonder– who can create any number of fabulous products with positive slogans on them, personally I love their cushions and throw pillows and Skullmuggery who can paint your favourite positive quotes, phrases on cups, mugs and teapots (and are part of this feature image). What better way to start your day than with a cuppa and a positive message. Surround yourself with all the good stuff so it makes it a little more difficult for the not so good to creep in.

Take more pictures

Take More Pictures

I used to avoid cameras and photographs like the plague, why? Because I always looked fat in pictures. Silly I know because I was/ am fat. I just hadn’t quite come to terms with that fact yet. I was so used to avoiding myself in the mirror that I rarely saw myself. The only bodies I saw were those of the celebrities in the gossip rags I adored. So when it came to seeing myself in photographs it was always traumatic to see what I looked like because it never compared to the bodies I had seen- funnily enough. I kicked this habit by taking more photographs. This time when I took photographs I would look at them and look at myself. It took a while before I could look at them and not wince. You have to remember sweethearts you are not a celebrity, you do not have a team of professionals following you to ensure you look immaculate at all times. There is no point making the comparison. You are gorgeous are you are! Why put negative energy into making comparisons that won’t make you feel better. Instead devote that time and energy into accepting what you see in the mirror and in photographs. I’m not saying don’t change, I’m saying make sure it comes from a positive place rather than beating yourself up.



be brave


Be Brave With Your Look!


I spent many years envious of the girls who had the look I wanted. I wanted short hair but I was told I fat girls couldn’t have short hair. I wanted bright, colourful, experimental makeup, but I was too afraid to draw attention to myself. So what happened? I got a little braver every time I went for a haircut, until eventually I ended up with most of my head shaved and guess what- it was awesome! I love my short hair and I’m sorry I wasted so long worrying about what it would look like. Cut your hair, it will grow back, dye it the colour you want, you can fix it. I do recommend going to a hairdresser for major changes though. I have had a number of oops moments with my hair that I’d rather forget and it’s always helpful to bounce ideas off someone.  As for the makeup just try it. There are plenty of youtube tutorials telling you how to achieve these looks at home, failing that ask the girls on cosmetic counters, that is their job and they are happy to share their expertise. I know I used to worry that they would look at me and think “Why would you bother putting make up on, who’s going to look at you?” If you get that vibe walk away. Don’t apologise, don’t explain just walk the fuck outta there. *Deep Breath* As I was saying ask the girlies, they might even be able to point you in the direction of makeup classes that may be running soon. That way you get a whole pile of tips and tricks and advice on how to use products. Just go for it. Wear the lipstick, wear big false lashes, have bright colours if that is what your heart desires. Just wear it. If you’re a fan of natural beauty do that! You do what makes you feel amazing, with every step you take you will feel a little braver and you will eventually wonder why it was such a big deal in the first place.


Own it

It’s Your Body- Own It!

I promise I will write a longer post about this very topic when I get some better pictures of my tattoos. Since getting my tattoos and piercings I have never felt more ownership and acceptance of my body. I love these beautiful pieces of art that adorn my skin. People will always have their opinions about tattoos and piercings but the bottom line is its your body, do with it what you will. If a tattoo is a commitment you are willing to make then go for it. Do your homework and go get tattooed. If the idea of pain makes you squirm then maybe think of another way you can take ownership of your body. Get a Boudoir Shoot for your eyes only, capture your body and be proud of it. Whatever it is that will help you positively own your body then do that!


Read What Will Make You Feel Better!

As I’ve mentioned again and again I lived for “Women’s Magazines” pages filled with body shaming, slut shaming and gossipy trash that was not empowering. That is until I discovered Caitlin Moran. I adore Caitlin Moran. I love her so much I wrote an article about her for Fe-line. I promise I will not write another love letter to her here but if you want to know why I love her so, read the article and then read her books. I read them because they make me feel better. I learn more about feminism, she is exceptionally witty and I get an alternate view point on things. All things that make me feel good and do not leave me with icky shamey feelings. There are heaps and heaps of books and blogs out there that have no Body Shame nonsense in them. Seek them out and engross yourself in them. It’s good for your soul!!


Inspirational Figure


Have an Inspirational Figure- the more the better!!

There are a limited selection of pictures of bodies in the media. You might be one of the luck few who can find a body type that looks like yours. Chances are though that you won’t find those images in mainstream media and that you will have to go in search of them. I love to look at pictures of full figured women who are fat, fabulous and working it! They are flying the flag, kicking ass and could give a monkey’s what you think about it. They will not be silenced they are loud, proud and gorgeous. It is these images that get me through my niggly days. On the days when the gremlins get in and say- you can’t wear that and other hurtful things. I look at a picture of Velvet D’amour, Tess Munster, Vicki Valentine or any number of full figured beauties and I think Eff You Gremlins!! I always find it helpful to look at someone and think well if they can do it why the heck can’t I. Bugger the begrudgers and negative ninnys.

Never let anybody dull your sparkle! You are here, you are alive and you are amazing. It doesn’t matter how you got here the point is you are here now. You can wait for the “when’s” – I’ll do it when I lose some weight, I’ll do it when the kids are a little older, I’ll do it when…
Do it now and do it for you! I’m not saying you must don a bikini immediately and if you don’t feel 100% comfortable you have failed. I’m saying be brave at a level that works for you and when you are brave celebrate like you’ve won a boxing match. Because in reality you have. Every time you give restricting standards the middle finger or challenge how people “should” be seen or “should” behave you’ve kicked arse and kicked it hard!!

Now go forth and focus on you! Share your stories of arse kicking and I will continue to share mine.

Come join me life is so much fun when you’re giving restrictions the middle finger!



Teapot: Skullmuggery
Model: Velvet D'amour

#stoptheshame Body Love Pamper Hamper

Daring to Bare-Getting Naked and the Women who Inspired Me!


When I decided it was time to write a new blog I sat down and drew up an entire plan. What I wanted to do, How I wanted to do it and more importantly Why I wanted to do it! For the majority of my existence I have hidden away, utterly embarrassed and ashamed of my appearance. Partly because of my own issues and partly because there were no positive images out there of women who looked like I did. Fabulous fat girls were invisible- to an extent they still are, but thankfully much less so. There were a number of influential women who helped me to shape a more positive vision of myself.

Tess Munster


Photo: Today I personally overcame my fears of bikinis that weren't high waisted. My tummy is an area that I'm still learning to love- even though I appreciate everything it has done for me. It's round & covered in stretch marks from carrying my beautiful son in it. My fiancé loves it & constantly touches it & because of those reasons I recently decided to be kinder to it. With every other area of my body- learning to love it has been faking it until I actually accepted. The misconception about myself & many other fat/plus sized women is that we are this way because we don't care, that we have "let ourselves go" when in reality this is the best I've ever felt/looked. But I couldn't have gotten there on yo yo diets, trying to be someone I'm not, & bullying myself to fit into an unrealistic mold of beauty. I have carved my own path & will continue to do so.. Overcoming one hurdle at a time & appreciating my successes & failures. So today I am celebrating being able to swim with my son without worrying what others might say.. & guess what? No one cared that my tummy was out.. & it was glorious.

Tess is an American plus size model and founder of the #effyourbeautystandards movement. Tess was the very first plus size woman I saw wearing the clothes that I wanted to wear. Pretty tea dresses, sleeveless tops, short skirts and no shame. Tess consistently promotes messages of self love and positivity and most importantly loving your body! She taught me that sexiness is not just reserved for the svelte. Her attitude is one I have slowly started to embrace- I’m here, gorgeous as I am and if I can’t see that it’s because your standards of beauty are effed up. 


Ducky Doolittle

I can safely say that Ducky is one of the main reasons I have chosen to write about sex. I first found out about Ducky on a trip to New York when I picked up her book “Sex with the lights on”. Since then I have been a huge fan of hers. She frequently writes and holds online tutorials all with instructions on how to improve your sex life. She is fun, energetic, enthusiastic and an unapologetic curvy cutie! She frequently shares links for plus size lingerie and is all about making big girls feel beautiful. From Ducky, I have learned the importance of open, honest communication when talking about sex and sexuality. If I could exude half of her sensuality and emulate her wonderful attitude I will be a sex education force to be reckoned with.   


Jes Baker aka The Militant Baker


A post about radical fat femmes would not be complete without a mention of the inspirational Jes Baker. Jes runs the blog The Militant Baker- which preaches self love, body love, positive mental health and general kicking ass. Jes has done so very much it would be impossible to mention it all here. You will have to check out her blog to see all of her awesome accomplishments. What I can tell you though is the way that she inspires me. On her knees she has tattooed “My Life, My Rules” and that pretty much sums Jes up. Her take it or leave it attitude is incredible. She is a strong feminist chick who passes no apology for her opinions or her appearance and she takes no shit. She is equally honest about her struggles- which I think makes her a force to be reckoned with. Jes has inspired me so much I bit the bullet and joined her smash the scales campaign at the beginning of 2014- hence the first photo. It is quite possibly the scariest thing I have done because it was quite a vulnerable statement to make public but I am so, so glad that I did it because the response was astoundingly supportive and positive. Something I would have never known if I didn’t take part. 

Now I know what you’re thinking- Rebelle that’s all fine and dandy talking about amazing women who live in the states but I live in Ireland where the culture is ever so different. Fear not my dear let me introduce you to….

Vicki Valentine. 


Ms. Valentine is Ireland’s Queen of Curves. Not only has she written a book for the curvy girl but she has also set up her very own plus size model agency. She has done more for Irish plus size girls than anybody else. Vicki is also responsible for having plus size girls on regular TV fashion segments. The very first time I saw Vicki and her girls on TV I wanted to sing from the rooftops. Because of Vicki’s drive, ambition and brilliant vision a new generation of Irish women will grow up watching a representative selection of women on television. Little girls can watch a fashion section and not only see thin girls but they will also see curvy girls, instilling in them that their body is a good body too. This is a gift that the young women of Ireland will not even know they have received as they will just take it for granted that bigger bodies are meant to be seen and though they might not know it Vicki I certainly do. I can’t even begin to express how much I admire Vicki, she is endlessly in the media championing the cause of positive body image in Ireland and standing up to the bullies who size-shame and criticize. All of the ladies mentioned in this post have helped me see the beauty in myself and to accept my bigger body but it was Vicki that helped make it ok to be a kick ass fat chick living in Ireland. 

Now that you have heard about the women that have inspired me, I am nervous and excited to announce that I will be posing nude for an artist in the near future. It would be pointless for me to sit behind a screen writing for you all encouraging you to love your bodies, love yourselves, embrace your sexuality, be brave, bold and beautiful just as you are, unless I was willing to do the same. I won’t lie, when the artists call came looking for a fuller figured model to pose nude, I hesitated, actually that is a lie I rejected and refused immediately. I mean me, naked, forever on canvas, my boobs hanging bra-less, unsupported, my belly uncovered, my rolls for all to see and my bum, oh lordy my bum not even close to a booty. Then I stopped and I thought, well if I’m not going to do it, who will. If I wan’t to live in  a world full of people who unashamedly love themselves I need to start with myself. 

I’m certain not everyone will like it. I’m positive that some people will wish they hadn’t seen it. Some will be rude, crude and unkind. But the simple fact of the matter is this, it’s my body, it has danced, laughed, sang, consoled friends, lay with lovers, endured pain, been pierced, tattooed, and endured a lifetime of hatred- it needs a little bit of a break from all that. If only one person looks at it and feels better about themselves, even if that person is me it will have been worth it. Hell I will forever be a piece of art, an artists muse for a moment and that really is something. If you still think it’s gross and disgusting and that fat women should be seen and not heard I have this to say to you. 

I’m here, I’m a fat, fabulous, feminist- I will be seen and I will be heard & if you don’t like it you can kiss my FAT ass. If you do like it, then stand with me and let the body bashers and negative ninnys know we aren’t gonna take their shit anymore!!!






If you would like to find out more about the women featured in this blog post, then please click on their picture.


Image of:             Image Source:

Tess Munster      https://www.facebook.com/TessMunster

Ducky Doolittle    https://www.facebook.com/duckydoolittle

Jes Baker            https://www.facebook.com/themilitantbaker

Vicki Valentine    https://www.facebook.com/temptedsize16to28