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Pin Up Perfection

A little while ago I shared a little secret with you all- that I was going to do a naked photo-shoot. Well on Saturday morning I packed up my car and headed to Galway to meet the ultra gorgeous Natalie from Boudoir Girls Photography. This is us!

I’m  not gonna lie pre-shoot I was full of butterflies. Selfies aside I don’t have very many photographs taken and when I do I’m usually pulling faces or grinning like an idiot. So I compiled a list of my butterflies and how they simply fluttered away as the day progressed.

1. What if we don’t click it could make the shoot very awkward if I’m not comfortable.

Natalie is an absolute doll!! I mean that in the sincerest way possible. She is exceptionally chatty, down to earth and friendly which immediately puts you at ease. It comes across that she is so passionate about her her work. Yes I am having a fan girl moment but she is a complete sweet heart.

2. I have no idea what to bring with me!

I brought everything! I mean everything, all classes of accessories and clothing options. I even had a photography book with me. If there is something you know you want in a picture then bring it, if you are unsure bring it! It’s better to have it with you than wishing you had brought it. She will even help you out with outfit choices that will work best in pictures. Plus she has a range of items on hand for you to use on the day too so if you are unsure just give her a message or a call and she can run through some ideas with you.

3. Err I’m not a model how the hell am I gonna pose?

Firstly a lil pre-shoot posing practice never killed anyone. Just go for it to get you into the swing of it. Not to worry Natalie is a complete dote at giving direction on what angles look best in pictures to make you look your most gorgeous. I kid you not in one day I received a lesson in how to pose for pin up photography. I’m no expert but I know way more now than I did last week and the best bit I didn’t feel like a complete eejit doing it, honestly it was pretty awesome.

4. She is gonna see all my wobbly bits!!!

I do believe she has seen more of me naked than any other person ever has. It is also no exaggeration to say that I have never felt so comfortable naked in my life. This is a true testament to her brilliance. My naked fat body was no big deal, not in the slightest. I kid you not we had a full on chat about makeup while I was in the nip. Y’know what I have never felt prouder of myself! Best part of it all I got to see a preview of the pics in the back of the camera and I have to say they looked gorgeous!! I was initially a little iffy about sharing them but those pictures are nothing short of incredible. I could hardly believe they were me. So pretty please don’t let the fear of being naked stop you. Your body is gorgeous and if anyone can help you see that this lady can!!

5. I hope she doesn’t use photo-shop, that’s perpetuating unrealistic standards of beauty!!

I’m happy to say I learned more than just about myself on this shoot. Whatever your photo-shop stance, it will be taken on board, no judgement. I had the idea that photographs were altered to make already thin models look thinner and perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards and that was it. Not so, some of my pictures are going to be altered- because I had some eye shadow fall out. Am I ok with that? Of course I am, I don’t want pesky eye shadow getting in the way of my Boudoir Girls Photographs! Equally if you have a pesky something or other that you don’t want to see in your pictures then that is your business. Whatever works for you is what you will get! Equally if you are anti photo altering and want your images untouched then that is exactly what you will get. No value judgement’s just a kick ass photographer who wants you to be happy with your end result!

If your experience is even a patch on mine you will be completely delighted! Sure I had a few butterflies before hand but I have been on cloud 9 since the shoot. Seeing pictures looking your most gorgeous does something to you. You walk a little taller and that kind of glowing confidence that says hey I know I’m gorgeous and I have these photos to prove it!


So go for it, do it, be brave get naked on camera, do a Boudoir Girls shoot! I promise you that you will not regret it. Practice your body love rebelle-utionaries, it’s a beautiful thing!

Give Natalie @ Boudoir Girls a shout and Tell her Rebelle sent ya!